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Beth Matlock
Elizabeth (Beth) Matlock and Living Art
Elizabeth (Beth) Matlock and Living Art

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Empty Bowls McKinney is Coming!
This week you’re going to get two blogs, so yea, but let’s
not count this has a normal plan…yet. 
Today let’s talk about Empty Bowls !!! This year I was able to help out with Empty Bowls, doing
some writing and photography, and I’m excited because it’s almo...

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Transfigured Night
I am behind, behind.  I've graduated from my stroke speech therapy (there was a whole lot of writing for this, but I haven't caught up with photos), it's crazy at work, and for the past several weekends I went to the Garden Show (blog coming soon), a Mornin...

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Alaska's Jewel
Now, the fourth day of our Alaska trip is not yet over and
I’ve saved the best for last!  (And this
part actually took place after the tour up to the edge of the Yukon Territory
so it makes sense, but...)  Our day ended
wandering around a garden and glass b...

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Pizza Kelsi!
I’ve got a fun little something to share with you.  I know its from a month ago, but...A friend
of mine stated that her goal for Valentine’s Day was "to eat my weight in
pizza.  #SINGLELIFE"  Love it! And she even
did the Cookie Monster pose like I asked!  ...

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Alaska, Gold Rush Time!
In the 4 th day of our trip, my family (and the cruise and all of the other passengers)
went to Skagway. Skagway is a
port town established as a way to get to the Yukon.   Mom and I were interested in exploring the
history of the region with a bus tour that...

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Happy Valentine's Day!
Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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Alaska Coming Back!
We’re taking a little detour from my stroke and let’s get back to
Alaska!   Here
is what we talking about so far: ·        Alaska or Bust! Part 1 ·        Alaskaor Bust! Airport, Airport, Airport, Alaska? ·        Alaska or Bust! The FinalTest(s) ·        A...

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My Journey - Was It Scary?
So people have asked me “oh, were you scared about your
stroke?” And nope. Most people are generally scared (rightly so), but during my stroke (wasn't sure it was a stroke until later at the hospital, but...) I held on to some of my certified, medical, scie...

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My Journey - I Got My Stroke
After my open-heart surgery I thought I had everything
sorted out, taking on the world and jumping over large bushes.  Brain-melt (stroke) was not on my mind, not
even in my hemisphere, but all of a sudden I was right there dealing with one. On October 5 th...

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Ah My Strange Brain!
I miss you guys during this past holiday season, but I hope
that you all had some great celebrations! It have been a while since I’ve been here, three and a half months!  I’ve been gone because I had a stroke.  Yep, stroke. I am doing good and I’ve got plan...
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