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Google+ is shutting down (I do not know when). So if you want to keep up with the massive number of updates we send out, you'll need to look at our facebook page or our web site.

Facebook page:

Web site:

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It's a splendid rebuke by Sienkiewicz, but to be frank, "offshoot of Gamergate" is all anyone needs to hear in order to dismiss "comicsgate" as being vile and without merit.

Another snippet from ZeroSpace: Ectypes And Echoes

Ectypes and echoes are copies of an organic being's consciousness. An ectype is a copy which has been reproduced in organic matter, typically (though not always) placed into a clone of the original person. An echo is a digital copy, typically (though not always) preserved in a virtual reality environment. Although the end result is different, the basic process involved in creating ectypes and echoes is similar: the original being's brain is scanned, and the neurochemical snapshot is stored as data. The creation of this neurochemical snapshot is a painless process, but it is time consuming and prohibitively expensive. Despite the great cost, some particularly narcissistic individuals have used ectypes to achieve a type of serial immortality, creating copies of themselves to survive their own passing, and leaving their estates to an ectype of themselves in their wills.

In most of civilized space, the legal status of ectypes is the same as that of any other organic being: they may be treated as property on a given world, or not, in much the same way that any other organic being might. The status of echoes is somewhat more variable. On most worlds, echoes are treated similar to androids. The laws pertaining to the creation of ectypes and echoes typically follows the model of laws pertaining to the creation of sentient androids. On worlds where ectypes or echoes are granted the same rights as other sentient creatures, their creation is legally restricted or even prohibited altogether. On worlds where artificial life forms are treated as property, their creation is lightly regulated, if at all.

A random tidbit from ZeroSpace, a work in progress. Opinions are welcome, although I don't promise to pay attention to them.


A fabricator is a device which manufactures complex objects from component substances. The component substances are typically in liquid or powder form, and must be replenished periodically. General purpose fabricators typically have reservoirs of metal, ceramic, and synthetic polymer dust, while specialized fabricators use substances specific to their application. Medical fabricators, for example, use reservoirs of protein, calcium, phosphorous, nucleotides, and synthetic biomatter. Fabricators are commonplace throughout most of civilized space.

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We've decided to make a name and logo for the game system we've used in our superhero, fantasy, and science fiction games: Kalos Mechanism.

kalos: beautiful, good
Original Word: καλός, ή, όν
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: kalos
Phonetic Spelling: (kal-os')
Short Definition: beautiful, good, worthy
Definition: beautiful, as an outward sign of the inward good, noble, honorable character; good, worthy, honorable, noble, and seen to be so.

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We added a new widget to the ZeroSpace document on OGC Library: a random alien species generator. See what you think.

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La traduction en français de Bulletproof Blues deuxième édition est terminée! Nous allons très bientôt préparer la version PDF de cette édition! SVP, partagez ceci avec vos amis francophones.

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The French translation of Bulletproof Blues second edition is complete (with thanks to Jerome Chenu)! Please share this with any French-speaking people you know. We will begin work on a PDF version of the French edition soon!

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As a prelude to Bulletproof Blues 3 (and to make future translations more straightforward), we have re-organized the BB section of the Open Game Content site on RPG Library. Please let us know if you encounter any broken links or other problems.

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It's been a while since an update. Kalos Comics has pretty much gone into hibernation. We did what we meant to do, and if Bulletproof Blues had taken off, we would put effort into more new stuff. But it didn't take off, and that's okay: we hope a few folks have had a good time with what we've done.

That being said, our next project will be a third edition of Bulletproof Blues. The intention will be to simplify the game mechanics a little. We'll get rid of per-power "rank", and instead go with a "Power" attribute, and the character's various powers will all be based on that. Way simpler.

Not everyone will like that. If you don't, BB2 and the supplements we already have will still be available, and you can play that. But if you do look forward to the newer, simpler way of doing things, hopefully we'll have BB3 out by Christmas. Some time after that, we'll convert our existing sourcebooks to support BB3. The previous versions will remain available, of course -- we aren't monsters....

Happy gaming, folks. :)
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