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This Halloween I didn't have a great budget and I really wanted to try something I haven't done in previous years. I tried latex and I picked this up from a local fancy dress shop for about £3.00, it doesn't smell to great but it really adds some great effe...

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Favourite Beauty Products
Sundays are my favourite day of the week, I get a lie in and I can spend some time on me. These three products are some which I would like to share with fellow bloggers. They are part of my Sunday routine and it would be good to hear about any products that...

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New Purchases
Lately, I've been feeling that my wardrobe has been a little bland and I've needed to buy some new clothes to wear the Autumn and Winter season. Although, I didn't have loads to spend I bought myself a few little goodies to get the ball rolling. Some of the...

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Payday treats!
I've recently been paid after working the 'freshers' period and I thought I would splash out on some new bedroom decor. I've fell in love with the home section at Wilkinsons. I'd never have thought that they would have sold such nice items, but seriously, s...

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The things I've learnt about uni.
    1) Friends are so important My first post is something which is quite close to me. At uni I know I definitely could have made the effort to be more sociable and it has reflected on my time at uni which is quite disappointing. I am now surrounded by some...

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Cleethorpes and The Deep, Hull
Uni can be stressful at times and this summer has really not been what I imagined it to be, I've had some amazing time with friends but back in Sheffield I'm already moving out of a home that was supposed to last my whole third year. Sometimes things just d...

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Tramlines Festival Sheffield
This was my second time at the inner city festival and it's such a great atmosphere. It has a very urban vibe and as there are so many locations the weather hardly effects the spirit. I went to the Peace Garden stage on the Saturday and then a few bars on t...

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Liebster Award
As I'm a newbie this is my first award I have been nominated for, so here it goes!  Big thank-you to www. for nominating me. I don't think I've done it perfectly, but it's the participation that counts :)  I am nominating bl...

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The Easter Holidays
I've actually been quite busy over the holidays and had some time to catch up with the family which is quite rare for me! I managed to grab a few days off work so got the train home for a short stay. We went to the metro centre and I bought some goodies wit...

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Art Therapy
This month I subscribed to a new magazine that I saw advertised on the TV. I have uploaded some pictures to my Instagram of the art that I have been doing during the week. You could call it art, but I prefer to call it adult colouring, honestly I love it! F...
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