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How to turn a DSLR into a $4,000 Peephole 

Want 2 min with me for a Rapid Fire Critique in Person?  Here is your chance.

Something NEW that's in my BAG that I think you will want  

Your camera is not BROKEN, It's YOU: RANT

Yup a 5 Min Portrait with a Nikon D3100 and 18-55 Kit Lens From the FroChives August 22nd 2011.

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This is what happens when you shoot jpeg at Canon, you loose some information. 

Captions needed

If you have any interest in Canon Point and shoots they released a G16 and some new lower end models that I personally could care less about.

AHHHHH it's so hard to decide on just one but you have to

If you want to know how to get ALL ACCESS to photograph any musician, check this out.

NEW Lil VIDEO!!!! If you don't know who Lil is she is my 102 year old grandmother.
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