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This is a really good #tip on how to restore auto backup #photos from #Google+ to your phone.
Restoring Auto-backup photos to your phone

In case you’ve deleted photos from your phone but want to restore them from your Google+ account back to the phone, you will need to use your desktop or laptop.

On your computer, hover over the Home button, and from the menu that appears, go to Photos. Click in the search bar and select Auto-backup. Select the first image by clicking on the checkmark on the top left of the image. You can then scroll down to the last image, hold down shift, and click the checkmark on that one to select all the photos in between. Once you’re in selection mode, with a blue bar above the photos, you can individually select and deselect other photos.

Once you have all the photos you want to restore selected, then click on More in the blue bar, and then choose Download.

Note that you can only download a maximum of 500 pictures at a time. When the photos have been downloaded, just transfer them to your Camera folder on your phone via USB.
Please consult your phone manufacturer’s help documentation to see how that’s done.

You can also use Google Takeout to get all of your photos:, but this will download everything, not just the Auto-backup photos.

Learn more about Google+:

#AutoBackup #Download #Photos #Mobile #Google
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This is an interesting new feature that will allow #Google+ #photos in #Drive. The link to the article gives you a great breakdown guide on how-to use this new feature.

Google Apps Customers Will Start Getting Google+ Photos In Drive On April 6th, Plus More Details About Functionality

"Google announced the addition of Google+ Photos to Drive earlier this week, but for once Apps customers aren't left waiting too long.

This feature will start hitting those accounts on April 6th. Google has also been kind enough to offer more info on how Photos in drive will work, in case you were wondering..."

Read more:

#GoogleDrive #Photos #GoogleApps #Business #GAFE
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Here is a nice #tip to improve your #security for your #Google account using android authentication.
Android Verification Code for Google Accounts

When you're signing in to a Google account from a different country, Google asks you to confirm your identity. You can enter your recovery email address or phone number, enter a verification code received in an SMS messages or voice call and now you can enter a code generated by your Android device...

Learn more at:

#Google #Verification #Android #Security
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Here is a nice #tip that involves +Google Drive that allows you to take #notes when watching #videos on platforms like +YouTube.

You can also use it for online courses for sites as +Coursera and +Udacity.
Add notes to videos with the help of Google Drive

See the website here for

The easiest way to take notes synchronized with videos!

Tutorial for using the tool:

#Teacher #Student #GoogleDrive #YouTube
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Nice post on how successful people organise themselves to keep motivated.
How Successful People Start Their Day and Get More Done!
by +Kevan Lee for +Buffer 

Do you think that success just randomly happens to some and not to others? Successful people plan their day to make the things happen that are important to them and their bottom line.

From Kevan, Science says: Willpower is highest in the morning, so start strong.

"You’ve maybe heard the advice that your first work of the day should be something meaningful and significant, a task that might take a lot of focus, will, and determination to accomplish. The reason: We’re limited with our self-control.

That’s the idea purported by the strength model. Self-control draws from a common resource that gets depleted over time. You can think of self-control as a muscle—fatigue sets in after exertion."

Science shows that completing your hardest tasks first thing helps you get things done and be more successful overall.

Read it all here:

Pin it for later:

#sciencesunday   #Motivation  #Organization #pinoftheday  
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Here are a couple of #tips on using images stored in Google Drive for your your documents.

Great way to resize images or replace #photos in documents.
Working with images in Google Docs, Slides and Drawings just got easier with two new features:

1. Reset an image: Unhappy with the properties and formatting you applied to your image? You can now go back to the original with the reset image button. Open your document, presentation or drawing, select an image, right-click and select 'reset image' from the context menu.

2. Replace an image: Change the image in your document, presentation or drawing without affecting the layout and formatting of the original image. Open your document, presentation or drawing, select the image you want to replace, right-click and select 'replace image'. You can then use our image picker to select your next image.
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Here is a great way to organise your productivity through the use of Google Calendar.

+Daniel Futerman writes a great article that gives you #tips on how to use #Google #Calendar to improve your life.

Read the article and use the tips that he offers to make your business efficient or organise your life.
Tip 13/21: Google Calendar - All In One.
Share calendars, manage events, join g+ hangouts, add national holidays, add tasks, access offline, set meeting across time zones, show weather, add maps, Google now integration….

Maintaining an organized calendar is extremely important for productivity, time management, organization and so much more. Google Calendar does the best job at syncing it all together and presenting it to you in the most logical way.

Sync multiple calendars into one account

Instead of having many calendars spread out between different accounts, platforms & locations - sync them all to one calendar. If you have more than one Google account, decide which you’d like to set as your default calendar and then set your other accounts to sync into the main one.

If you work at a company and want to share a calendar with your colleagues, you can do that as well. If you’d like to have a family calendar set up between all your family members, it’s easy to do. 

Setting it up

Google calendar allows you to easily share your own calendar with others, or add their calendar to yours. To share a calendar with others, navigate to the My calendars tab on the left hand side of the screen, click on the arrow and then "Share".

In the next screen you'll be able to share your calendar with specific people (via email), to the public, or to everyone in your organization (if you’re using Google apps for business).

To add someone else's calendar, you can either ask them to invite you, or sent them a share request. To send a share request head over to the Other calendars tab and click on Add a friend’s calendar.

Add public calendars

You can easily sync public calendar with your own. Head back to Other calenders and click on “browse interesting calendars”. You can find calendars for national Holidays, sporting events or teams, Sunrise and Sunset and much more. 

As an example - the calendars I have set up at the moment are: Personal, Work, Events, Holidays, Birthdays & World Cup 2104.

Creating new events (keyboard shortcut: 'c')

Creating new events is very simple and straightforward, but I’d like to highlight a few handy features:

► Select meeting time zone (will convert to your local time).
► Google syncs events with Google Maps & Google Now.
► Set email reminders or pop up notifications.
► Create a one time or recurring event.
► Invite guests to modify, invite others or see guest list.
► Add attachments (activate via the Labs, more below).
► “Find a time” allows you to sync between your calendar and a colleagues to find a free meeting spot.

Cool calendar settings (keyboard shortcut: 's')

► Dim past and future recurring events.
► Change calendar date range (2 days up to 4 weeks).
► Change time and date formats.
► Add different time zones.
► Display weather.

Google+ integration

► Add Google+ hangouts to any event by clicking on “add a video call”. Everyone you invited will be able to join via their calendar.
► Respond to Google+ event invitations via Google calendar.
► Get reminder for events & hangouts you've created or events you've been invited to by people in your circles.

Google Now integration

Google now syncs perfectly with your calendar and provides helpful cards such as “time to destination” and “event reminders” exactly when you need them.

Gmail Integration

If you receive an email which contains text with a date and time (i.e. “Tomorrow at 8 pm”), Gmail will underline that text and allow you to click on it and add it to your calendar.
Advanced search with filters (keyboard shortcut '/')

You can use search filters to find an event by clicking on the arrow next to the blue search icon. This will open up the advanced search window allowing you to search by location, people, dates or by specific calendars.

Creating Tasks

► Create tasks and organize them by lists.
► Set due dates for tasks.
► Sync tasks with other apps ( for example).

To be honest I don’t use calendar tasks anymore because the interface isn't that good and there are better task management applications on the market.

Enabling lab features

The "Labs" are where you find all the fun stuff and the features which aren't activated by default.

My personal favorite is “add attachments” to events. This is great if you know you’re going somewhere and need to have a specific file with you. Instead of taking the risk of forgetting it, you can attach it to the event the minute you create it.

Other cool lab features you can enable:

» Hide morning and night hours.
» Set Background image.
» Add World clock.
» Add Year view.

A few more general features worth mentioning:

» View your daily agenda.
» Add colors (work - blue, personal - green and so on).
» Set up offline calendar (great if you’re using a laptop).
» Quick Add “Brazil - Germany Tuesday 4 PM” (arrow next to create).

Do you use Google calendar for other things? Do you know about more awesome Calendar tips? Share them below!

Feel free to Comment, +1 and Share if you liked this tip :) 

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

#21GoogleTips  #Google  #GoogleCalendar  #GoogleNow #GooglePlus  #Productivity #LabFeatures  
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Have you ever wondered how you could gain the most engagement on #Google+ for your #business or profile?

This great article from Buffer gives you 13 ways on how to achieve this on Google+.
Google+ Tips From the Experts:
13 Ways to Gain the Most Engagement

Few social media practices escape the arm of experiments here at Buffer. We love testing, iterating, and testing again to find ways to boost our metrics and explore new ways to interact better with our audience.

Now Google+’s turn has finally come.

We have made pushes on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to grow our numbers, and most recently we’ve been trying out some new tactics with Google+. And while doing so, we noticed that many others are talking about and testing out Google+ right alongside us.

Our dabbling, along with some expert opinions, point toward Google+ indeed being a smart place for your business to be. It is not the ghost town that others have claimed. There is real value to be gained and a wealth of different tips, new tools, and good perspectives to apply.

Learn more at

#Googleplus #Business #Engagement #SocialMedia
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Here is a great share from +Daniel Waisberg about how to import web data to the spreadsheet in Google Drive.
Importing Web Data into Google Spreadsheet

Did you know you can import tables available online directly into +Google Drive? That can be done using the ImportHTML function on  Google Spreadsheets and will save you a lot of time. The image below shows how to do it (source
Animated Photo
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Many businesses created a #brand page on #Google+ while Google had assigned then location pages.

Many businesses have followers on both pages. The problem was how to reduce this to one page.

Google has resolved this problem to ensure that you have only one page.

This is not a merge of the brand page and the local page.

From my understanding it is more of an upgrade of the brand page to a local page. It may not transfer all the followers from the local page to the brand page due to the way the software program is written.

For most local businesses this is a solution that they have been waiting for from Google.

See the article to get a better picture of how to this works.
Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages

Analysis from the article:

"This will solve a very common problem for single location businesses that have already put significant effort into building out their followers and posting to a Brand page. While it must have been a nightmare on the backend to port this data between different knowledge graph entities, the end user feature, while buried, is easy to use and will hopefully be reliable. The feature would have been welcome at the beginning of the Places dashboard transition rather than the end but better late than never.

It will not in any sense merge the two pages and that might leave some users unhappy that they may need to leave some followers and posts behind. Google has noted in the past that there are user trust issues that prevent them from automatically reassigning followers to a new page. It is unlikely that ability will ever exist.

This solution, while needed, also doesn’t address the very real need for multi-location businesses to be able to associate a single social stream with a set of Local pages."

- Local University

Learn more at

#Local #Businesspages #Update #Business
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