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Arduino Firework Remote Detonator Build
arduino firework remote detonator hobby electronic rf mega 2560
arduino firework remote detonator hobby electronic rf mega 2560

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April 14th a few months have gone by and I have no updates, but here's what's been happening! I have written a decent receiver code shared with the sane gist as my transmitter code. I have also been working in fritzing to setup a prototype for the shift registers board that will be stored in the receiver. This will cut down dramatically on pin usage. I know with 1-2 slats my setup should work with little problems, but once I max it out to 8 simultaneous slats I will probably have some issues. Once I get some money(Yay broke in college) I will update you guys. Thanks for sticking with me!

I have finished a decently robust transmitter program. It pings, sets an RGB is somewhat modular and so far takes up ~10K of 252K. It uses a simple arm switch which I will rework soon. Now is time to work on a decent Receiver program.

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Also reasons not to work at 2AM: You may accidentally miss your 3.3V source that would normally hook into your RF24's VCC and instead plug your RF24's VCC into your reset head. This will cause the board to then reset. A lot. You wont be able to upload, and curse the heavens for cursing your Arduino mega 2560.
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Well, it's 2AM 1.5 hours since my last post. Which was supposed to be a sign off before I go to sleep as I have to be up at 8 AM tomorrow, though...
I have since decided to write the Receiver code and rewrite the transmitter code.
Receiver code:

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I had tried posting some code directly here, but it did not workout too great so I am making a simple gist of the code I have written so far. This is for a very simple transmitter ping pong & data sending interface. I will start to implement a receiver tomorrow along side with a firing code sender/ interpreter.  


Due to the terribly messy nature of the receiver I will not be posting the fritzing docs. They were way WAY too messy to clean up and be decipherable however if anyone has questions just email me!

The receiver will work as follows:
1 Transciever
1 16 channel relay [only 8 used] 
8 molex 20pin female connectors
8 rgb leds
1 key switch/led
1 toggle arm switch/led
1 connection rgb led

The basic end result of functionality is as follows:
    Key switch for power turn on
    Aircraft toggle w/ led for Arm switch
     RGB LED to show connectivity of receiver
     RGB LED to show slat connection on receiver
     8 Slat select momentary buttons
     16 Slot firing momentary buttons
     1 Program button
     1 Program RGB
     8 Programmed buttons

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I have finished the fritzing design of the transmitter. It is really REALLY crammed and sloppy but, here it is. I needed to find a random rf24 to sub in for my 8 pin rf24 transceiver. The only thing I can think of that I need to do is to add some switch or transistor for a batter charger port to work while the pack is still in the device.
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I don't really use Google+ but...I have decided that it may be somewhat wise to start to document what I am doing in order to help others that want to do the same.
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