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Dr. Mike Irons and his staff are looking for your feedback!

Patient Satisfaction Survey

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide you with all of your eye care needs. To help ensure we are always improving in the way we care for you please take a minute to complete this short survey.

Thank you,
Dr. Mike Irons
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Free 6-month vision evaluation for children

I provide a free evaluation of the your child's acuity/vision within 6 months after their complete eye exam from ages infancy through 18.

As children grow, their eyes change shape.  These changes can affect the child's vision.  Age, heredity, and growth all play a 
role in how vision changes.  A child's vision can change significantly within a few months.
With this 6-month evaluation, I am able to identify vision changes before a full year has passed.
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New Frames-New Names

Since January 2013 we have added over 300 new frames to our frame displays.

The newest and most popular styles seem to be large plastic frames and light weight/flexible titaniums.  Men, women, and teens love the new sizes and vivid (shocking) colors.  Color in frames is definitely "in". We have many new "budget" line choices in plastics and metals.

Do any of these names sound interesting?  Please stop by our office and take a look.  No appointment needed.

Altair                                      Kinsie                                     Bum                                              9 West                             Bulova
Kate Spade                             Penquin                                  OiO                                               Guess                              Eischenbach/Germany
Lilly Pulitzer                           Dana Buchman                        Tura/ Turaflex                               Joseph Abboud                Joe
Vera Wang                              Paula Deen                             Revlon                                           Randy Jackson                 Carrera
Tommy Bahama                      Sigrid Olsen                           Claiborne                                       RayBan                            Juicy Couture
Jennifer Lopez                        Revolution                              Viva                                               Perry Ellis

Remember our free frame offer of $190.00 on second pairs of glasses.  Also, our 50% discount for children's second pairs of glasses
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Continuing Education February 2013

Dr. Irons attended the Indiana Optometric Association's continuing education courses for current patient care as follows:

Evaluation and identification of macular disease and glaucoma    
New therapeutics (ocular drugs) for patients in treating glaucoma 
Detecting and evaluating retinal tears and holes with consideration of referral and/or observation
New and old steroids for treating ocular inflammation (ocular and systemic)
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Dr. Mike Irons - Optometrist
Neuro-Ophthalmic Education

Neuro-ophthalmic Seminar and Training January 2013

This neuro-ophthalmic eye care training covered the following topics:   Diplopia (double vision) with associated nerves and muscle systems, pupillary responses associated with various neurological disorders, and the neuro-ophthalmic signs associated with the various presentations of optic neuritis and swelling of the optic nerve head. 

I met the requirements and was awarded a certificate of accomplishment for this training.
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Offer! Choose a free frame of $190.00 value
posted Oct 13, 2012, 12:51 PM by Mike Irons   [ updated Jan 16, 2013, 2:28 PM ]
Receive a $190.00 frame free with the purchase of a second full pair of glasses. See the specials page for more details.
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