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Raychan created a page for Armitunes on Google plus too
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Happy Holidays from your friends at ArmiTunes! We're doing some site maintenance tonight so there will be 5-10 minutes of downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience!
No Worries! Merry Christmas!! I hope most of us were busy to not really notice on Christmas day. ;-)
WOW! Did not know Armitunes was on Google+!!! I'm JD~Wasabi-san !!! ;D Hello old and new people ^ ^
Eva!! What's your AD user name? I think I know who you
Hee hee. I'm well. (^_^) Not on the AD CB much these days since the 3 year old demands a lot of attention.
..3yo!!?? Oh my goodness how time flies XD Yeh me too... I just finished a post graduate degree and job hunting now ; _ ;
Since today's a holiday, I had some time to go through the new uploads. I must say, you guys did a ridiculously good job this time around. I hardly had to rename a thing and almost every album already had covers with the right filenames even! Mad props to everyone who contributed!!! We now have 45 THOUSAND songs available for request!
Hey all, just a quick note that our hosting provider will be moving servers around on Sunday the 25th. The IP address of our primary MP3 relay will be changing. This will require all other relays to be reconfigured by their respective owners so many of them will likely be down for a period of time following the changeover. The AAC+ relays should not be affected. The change is scheduled for 2200 GMT. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!
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