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Mom, Gramma, Author, Poet, Blogger

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Helen Laxner commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks, these are helpful tips that I will be sure to incorporate in my website. 
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Because hoping they know how to react might not be enough.
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My latest article to help parents learn ways to minimize the frequency and amount of spit up from babies.
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Hi all, I started a blog! It's so if you have kids and you like to read, check it out. Have an awesome day! :)
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I have never felt "at home" other than the home I grew up in with my Mom and Dad and all my brothers and sisters so I wrote this poem about it.

Comfort Zone

Red velvet wallpaper decorates the wall
No cell phones are needed when Ma gives her dinner call
"Kids, dinner's ready!" is all she has to yell
And before she even finishes we're closer to the smell.

A little white cottage becomes our destiny
"Dibbies on the bathroom; man, I gotta pee."
Like thunder before lightning strikes we trample up the stairs
No worries in the world; no dream defying fears.

Between the quilted railings on summer nights we lay
Beneath our star-covered fort, we laugh; we dream; we play.
At times we get inspired by the rustling of the trees
To make up scary stories that we whisper in the breeze.

Finally we reach the top and burst right through the door
To find Dad roaring with laughter at the t.v. on the floor.

(Note: Sorry I think I had a few more lines to this but I can't remember them right now.)


Here's a poem I wrote some time ago that you might enjoy.

Heaven Waits

Take me to the place
Where the sky meets the land
At the end of the ocean
Far above the white sand

The place that my sight
Can't seem to break through
As I stand by the sea
Searching for you

Take me to the place
Where peace frees my soul
The pain in my life
Has taken control

Take me, Oh Lord
But don't take me yet
I have children to raise
Cheeks to dry when they're wet

And when the time comes
For my new life to begin
Let's make sure that my children
Have the keys to get in.

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