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Learning Abacus- A Long Term Asset
Though Abacus is a course that is structured for kids of ages 4 to 14
years old, investing into it can prove to be a long term asset. Learning Abacus
is not a matter of being able to perform mathematical calculations effectively,
instead it is way more. Wit...

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Handwriting Sessions at Write Right
Rathika Bhatia recently walked-in
at Write Right’s learning center at Bengaluru. She spent about half of her day
observing the handwriting classes conducted at the center. Our trainer had
demonstrated some basic lessons on how letters are formed, what direc...

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Vedic Maths- Reviving Interest in Mathematics
Maths has invariably haunted many of
the kids and adolescents throughout their schooling career and even later.
Maximum percentage of students (as high as 70 on 100) are scared of the lengthy
and complicated maths concepts or theorems. This is a reason why ...

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Handwriting- Is it on the verge of extinction?
all have witnessed how technological devices like tablets and smartphones have
been ruling our lives lately. With such ease and convenience at hand, we have
been unknowingly becoming too dependent to these aids. Typing over MS word,
making to-do lists in...

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Foundation of Vedic Maths- The 16 Sutras
Maths is the ancient Indian system of performing fast and accurate mental
calculations with ease. This science has been derived and rewritten from “Atharva
Ved” by Tirathji Maharaj between 1911 to 1918. He has compiled the complete
subject of Vedic Ma...

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Shape of beads in an Abacus Instrument
We all are aware about the fact that Abacus instrument consist of beads
which are moved to and fro in the upper and lower decks to calculate the
arithmetic operations. All the beads have a value, the lower deck beads age
assigned a value 1 each, and the bea...

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Handwriting Problems- A real life scenario
Write Right was recently contacted by an individual over a social media
platform where she had discussed about how her handwriting has gone a tremendous
change since kindergarten. She says- “I remember pursuing kindergarten when I was new to learn writing, ...

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Why parents need to push kids for extra-curricular activities?
  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This very famous proverb
that clearly signifies that a person must involve into activities that break
the monotony of a regular work, else he may become boring and unexciting. Same
goes for kids. If kids are p...

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Can Abacus Training Help Kids Become Scientifically Curious?
Before we debate on the subject, it becomes important for us to
understand what “Scientific Curiosity” is. All of us have been victims of being
forced to follow or practice a particular belief or custom without knowing a
reason as to why it is done. This ha...

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When to enroll kids for Abacus Training?
Parents often have several questions regarding when should they put
their child into the Abacus course and what is the right age to start? They are
mislead by the many opinions given by people and thus find it difficult to
decide. We request all such parent...
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