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Sandra Angelo

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One of my FAVE experiences in Europe (there were MANY last week) was a train ride from Lancaster to London. We wouldn't have been on this train had life gone as planned but that's the fun part about serendipity; it brings you adventures on side roads you didn't plan to travel.

We had allowed 3 hours for a 37 mile trip but without GPS and with the UK lack of signage, we were lost most of that time. We arrived at the rental car return with 35 minutes to spare, and if Hertz had a gas pump, we would have caught the train. But unlike US car rental companies, in Europe their car lots are a tiny patch of dirt with a trailer, buried in a massive warehouse district. They didn't have maps, GPS or gas like they do in the USA.

So to avoid a $300 charge for 1/4 tank of gas, I had to drive back into gridlock traffic and sit in a line of car exhaust for 30 minutes to travel 6 blocks to the gas station. By the time I got back to Hertz, the train was gone.

The kind lady at the railway ticket booth realized that the town's huge mid day traffic accident had caused our delay, so she let us on the next train - 20 minutes later, at no extra cost.

We settled in and I was reading about Beatrix Potter while Carol caught a cat nap, when suddenly I heard the agonizing sounds.
Was that a pig? a child? a dog? The pathetic sobs echoed throughout the train and tugged at my sympathetic heart. Someone or something was in danger or mourning or at least very sad.

When Carol woke up and went to the bathroom, I asked her to check. Turned out it was a tiny puppy that had just been plucked from his warm mother's breast and his furry family.

He was terrified of the world and lonely and scared.

I shot some photos of him on the train but sadly it was as we were about to disembark and the back light ruined the phone photos.
Still, having just spent 2 days in the Lake District absorbing stories about Beatrix Potter and her art form, I couldn't help but conjure up a children's story of my own.

When I queried the lady who was carrying the puppy, she said he would be fine in a few stops since her two young children would be a the train station to meet the dog who would spend his whole life being their best friend.

When I got back to the US and sorted my photos, I was sorely disappointed that the pictures from the train simply didn't catch the story. So I searched my personal photo files and finally found a great photo of a little girl embracing her brand new puppy.

It captures the blush of first love, when you meet someone you will spend the rest of your life with, someone who will be your best friend, simply because you have been matched by the person who introduced you.

In a way, getting a new puppy is like getting a new sister or brother. You learn to love them by sharing life together and building bonds over time.

And in the beginning, it's so fresh and wonderful! It starts out full of giggles and bounciness and bubbly feelings.

I'm going to call this "Puppy Love" because it's the first blush of an intimate and deep love relationship.

So I worked on fixing the flaws in that photo and that drawing became the happy ending to my story of the late ride from Lancaster to London.

Oh and BTW, we didn't need to be anywhere that evening so a 20 minute delay was the perfect thing for me; because it spawned a good story that I inspired a drawing straight from my heart. And as I draw, I will remember that all things always work together for good... both for me and the puppy.
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Sandra Angelo

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Sandra Angelo

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Google has reshaped the world!
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Sandra Angelo

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awesome... love the gaither vocal band ... have everything they ever made

Sandra Angelo

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The Bird Show at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is FANTASTIC. It's a Must SEE for EVERYONE.
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So hard to find quality traditional art nowadays where you can actually tell what the artist is saying. This gallery is loaded with high quality pieces and fun, creative stuff too. Love, love, love this one! It's a must see for art connoisseurs.
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