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Katy David
Creator of antediluvian art
Creator of antediluvian art

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Friday Egg: Taxi!
A little grimy, a touch oversaturated, kinetic, maybe even frenetic. Reminds me of a big city. Happy Friday!

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Friday Egg: Red Pineapple
A stylized floral pattern, reminiscent of a pineapple flower adorns this lovely little chicken egg. The back ground color is PUSA Patina, just a quick dip to make a lovely azure blue to contrast and complement the hot pink and magenta of the pineapple flowe...

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Friday Egg: Senescence
Deterioration with age. Ravaged. Worn. Plagued with problems, even some warts. Things fall apart. But the symmetry is dynamic and the colors are vivid. Age has made everything a little more interesting. I abused this egg with etching, dyeing and re-dyeing, ...

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Friday Egg: Purple Clematis
A highly stylized clematis vine, climbing and twisting and reaching upward to the sky.  I wrote out the process and divided it into steps so you could understand more clearly the process of layering that I go through to produce one of these pieces. Step 1: ...

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Friday Egg: Invisible Ink
An etched goose egg, the design revealed in relief rather than color. Simple and elegant. Happy Friday!

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Friday Egg: Apricot
This week I am showing a brown chicken eggshell etched and then dyed in these delicious orange and apricot colors.  This one found a new home at the East Austin Studio Tour last month, so this is a goodbye post!  Happy Friday and Happy Holidays!

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Friday Egg: Gold Leaf
Another golden egg: This time it is an etched goose egg done in a ferny leaf pattern and then covered in sheets of 23.5K gold. So I called it Gold Leaf! Too obvious? Probably, but I could think of no other name once I thought of that one. I like that small ...

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Friday Egg: Caritas Super Exaltat Omnia
An ostrich egg, pure white and unaltered, broken open to reveal an inner life of golden light. A representation of the love a parent gives a child. The highest love to the child, as represented by the golden inner lining of the egg that protected and nurtur...

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Friday Egg: "Elliptical Red/Blue"
Today's egg is an idea I have been working with this year. I have become fascinated with the interior of the eggshell and what the pores of the eggshell do with the dyes as I work my design on the outside. Usually, this beautiful scattering of colors is onl...

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Friday Egg: "Translucency"
I enjoyed every part of creating this piece. A lovely plain and simple etched egg but with a giant hole cut into the eggshell, revealing the internal play of light and shadow. The etching is the most important part of this piece, as the light is blocked mor...
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