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Putnam's Riddle
  Cris Putnam, bestselling author and Christian apologist, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, evening March 1, 2017.  One of his last post on Logos Apologia was a riddle of sorts, and this post is in loving memory to Cris and the Godly legacy he has lef...

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The Pope, Prophecy, & Time Topsy-Turvy

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Exegesis on Pi and its Biblical Usage as a Temporal Integer
are two topics in the world in which we live that will inevitably
intersect. When it comes to popularity and frequency of use, these
two things, Pi and the Bible, they both stand out in ways that are
incomprehensible. First
let us consider Pi. Irreg...

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Tohubohu - When Time Goes Topsy-Turvy
  T ohubohu
( תהו
ובהו )
is a Biblical Hebrew phrase found in the Masoretic
Text of Genesis 1:2 that describes the condition of the earth before God
started the creation process. Any translation attempt only proves
ambiguous ,
as the phrase is a Hebrew ass...

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5777 in The Bible - Part 1 The Law
We are formally in the Year of our Lord 2017 , we are also in the midst of 5777 From the Creation of the World .  These two temporal saeculas , albeit overlapping, are separated both by time and world views.  One the one hand, 2017 began on January the 1st ...
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