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Brandi Ports's profile photo
Brandi Ports
a month ago
Some of you people are seriously disturbed. Have you actually ever read about what goes on in these camps? If you were literate, I'd suggest that you read Blaine Harden's "Escape From Camp 14," but I suspect you aren't. If your children were being tortured and raped, I bet you'd be the first ones crying out on social media for someone to help. There would be GoFundMe accounts set up before you could blink.
Robert Smith's profile photo
Robert Smith
3 weeks ago
W...Why are we given the option to review for a concentration camp? Although I'm loving the PC crowd here. Give a man a fish, and you can feed him for a day, give a man the ability to review a labour camp, and he'll write a satirical review.
Wolf Pak's profile photo
Wolf Pak
2 months ago
this prisin suks the tvs here aint kable.
Patrick Gajowczyk's profile photo
Patrick Gajowczyk
4 weeks ago
Okay, so there is only about 6 concentration camps in North Korea. In total only about 144,000 in 1 year. During WWII 500,000 people died ONLY in German concentrations camps alone every year. This is not including Russian concentration camps. So who ever said that this was worse then then Hitler's ideas, I would disagree. Not to mention people think that victims in those camps where killed quickly, they suffer the same from the people in North Korea. Gas testing, starvation, hard labor, torture, beatings, human experimentation. But I do have to say, they had no rapes known in German concentration camps.
• • •
Carlos Just's profile photo
Carlos Just
5 months ago
While I was vacationing in Pyongyang I heard a knock on my hotel room door. 4 North Korean Soldiers grabbed me and pulled me out into a bus. They told me they were taking me to a new camp. I have to say I was very excited. They said I was gonna beta test their new camp. when we arrived they gave me a bowl of brown rice. When they gave me my room # I went to go check it out. I was in a room with 500 other people. HOW EXCITING!!!! I met so many people and made many new friends. Later the guards gave me a presentation of the rules. I broke one on accident and they gave me a light beating. This was minor setback (4 instead of 5 stars) (The beatings were not pleasant). This is part of the North Korean experience but still it wasn't very fun. I stayed there for 4 months until they let me go. BEST VACATION EVER!!!!!
• • •
Choudry Al-Isis
3 months ago
Raw snake and rat stew always beautiful. Stunning cabbage and cornmeal gruel. Staff always allow you to leave and come back whenever. Shared a dorm with three generations of my family, despite only taking the vacation myself. Nice surprise.
Beth Lennon's profile photo
Beth Lennon
a month ago
I really can't believe how many sick people have so much time on their hands to even think about writing false comments and stupid things about the Camp 14. I think you all should read the "Escape from camp 14" and understand that not everyone is born or have grown up like you have, have never slept on a mattress, sorry don't even know what a mattress is (like shin,until he was 21 years old) have poor nutrition and die from hunger, work and disease. People like you do not deserve to be free... You should all be reported... Shame on all of you disgusting people
• • •
Cool Dude
4 months ago
After my first stay during my Summer at Camp 14, I don't think I will visit again. Although the food was consistent, I can only describe it as consistently mediocre. Every meal I ordered tasted the same, and the waitstaff were not very pleased when I sent some of it back to the kitchen. This was slightly remedied by the "while you wait" activities for the kids; they loved assembling the electronics, it made for a great game before they were shipped to the west (the gadgets, not the kids!). The accommodation side was slightly less than average, and I cannot remember room service visiting once. They were kind enough to show us the basement downstairs, which I think was doubling for a cosmetic surgery practice that day, although the surgeon didn't look very experienced or that he was using the right equipment. It didn't sound like he was using anaesthetic on the patient either. I felt like I might go stay at another hostel by the time it was my turn to get the complimentary procedure because the food we ordered was taking too long to arrive. The staff were very insistent in us staying, but I managed to convince them to let us patronise another hotel when they turned away and I jumped over the fence. All in all I don't think I will stay again, and I won't recommend it to my friends like I hoped I would.
• • •