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Carlos Just's profile photo
Carlos Just
3 months ago
While I was vacationing in Pyongyang I heard a knock on my hotel room door. 4 North Korean Soldiers grabbed me and pulled me out into a bus. They told me they were taking me to a new camp. I have to say I was very excited. They said I was gonna beta test their new camp. when we arrived they gave me a bowl of brown rice. When they gave me my room # I went to go check it out. I was in a room with 500 other people. HOW EXCITING!!!! I met so many people and made many new friends. Later the guards gave me a presentation of the rules. I broke one on accident and they gave me a light beating. This was minor setback (4 instead of 5 stars) (The beatings were not pleasant). This is part of the North Korean experience but still it wasn't very fun. I stayed there for 4 months until they let me go. BEST VACATION EVER!!!!!
• • •
Wolf Pak's profile photo
Wolf Pak
4 weeks ago
this prisin suks the tvs here aint kable.
Peter Kaufrausch's profile photo
Peter Kaufrausch
in the last week
What is wrong with you? Do you think you're funny? Writing stupid bullshit about the meals... This is so poor. Every Joke you make is on YOU. Shame on you. You all should visit the psychiatrist. And GOOGLE, delete these macabre comments. There are people tortured murdered and starving every day while you eat your burgers and drink your coca cola.
Cool Dude
2 months ago
After my first stay during my Summer at Camp 14, I don't think I will visit again. Although the food was consistent, I can only describe it as consistently mediocre. Every meal I ordered tasted the same, and the waitstaff were not very pleased when I sent some of it back to the kitchen. This was slightly remedied by the "while you wait" activities for the kids; they loved assembling the electronics, it made for a great game before they were shipped to the west (the gadgets, not the kids!). The accommodation side was slightly less than average, and I cannot remember room service visiting once. They were kind enough to show us the basement downstairs, which I think was doubling for a cosmetic surgery practice that day, although the surgeon didn't look very experienced or that he was using the right equipment. It didn't sound like he was using anaesthetic on the patient either. I felt like I might go stay at another hostel by the time it was my turn to get the complimentary procedure because the food we ordered was taking too long to arrive. The staff were very insistent in us staying, but I managed to convince them to let us patronise another hotel when they turned away and I jumped over the fence. All in all I don't think I will stay again, and I won't recommend it to my friends like I hoped I would.
• • •
a month ago
Raw snake and rat stew always beautiful. Stunning cabbage and cornmeal gruel. Staff always allow you to leave and come back whenever. Shared a dorm with three generations of my family, despite only taking the vacation myself. Nice surprise.
Nojus Liutikas's profile photo
Nojus Liutikas
a week ago
After doing some searching, I found the perfect spot for me and my family! I went to North Korea to check it out, and at first I wasn't so sure, but when the soldiers pressed a gun into my back, I gave in to temptation! The food was great, we had plain brown rice every day and rotten fish if we got lucky. Also, I really liked the idea of sharing a room with 50 people. I became acquainted with so many interesting individuals! And the best part was it didn't cost me a single penny! We even got cowboy shows every afternoon when the supervisor came with his whip. Best vacation ever!
• • •
HARVEY NEUSBAUM's profile photo
a month ago
I won this trip on the "Pig in the Poke" show. We got there and were greeted by some friendly, yet stern little people. They had what looked like old Russian USSR uniforms on. They may have been on sale. Anywho..We were shown to our rooms which wasn't exactly what was advertised. We kept hearing over the announcement . "Kim Jung Un invented ice cream". "Kim Jung Un doesn't poop sitting down". Kim Jung Un allowed the sun to rise today". There is usually some food or small snack when checking into a hotel. This had a small Korean man picking corn from cow dung and gumming it because his front teeth were knocked out. We had a hard time getting ready to leave because they don't have internet anywhere. We were trying to check in to our return flight and couldn't do that because Mr. PoopyPants Wonderful has the internet shut down. Other than that it was definitely worth the trip!!!!!!!!!
• • •
Cupid Osburn's profile photo
Cupid Osburn
2 months ago
Nazi concentration camp crossed with hellraiser meets the hills have eyes and ted bundy possessed. the warden reminds me of jeoffery Dahmer.