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Since I am a Syracuse Orange fan I could honestly not care who wins the #ncaatournament  tonight.   #michiganwolverines  are coached by the guy who ran the LeMoyne camp when I was a kid and #louisville  is a Big East foe.  I will be fine with either of those teams any day of the week!

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Making it easier to share your Instant Upload photos

Instant Upload adds photos and videos you take with your phone to a private album so you can share them later on Google+.  Today, I’m excited to announce some improvements that make it much easier to share those photos from your desktop.

To get started, just click on the camera icon to the left of your stream (see screenshots). From the new Instant Upload page, you can now:

Select, organize and share multiple photos: Just click on the checkmark below a photo to select it.  You can then rearrange selected photos into whatever order you want using the drop-down window. Once you’re happy with your selections just click “Share”!

Adding photos to an album: Once you’ve selected photos you can add them to a new or existing album by clicking “Add to album.”

Aaand, a few pro tips: To select lots of photos really quickly, you can click and drag the mouse around a group of photos, and/or click the checkmark next to a date.  You can also use your keyboard’s tab, enter and space keys to select and view photos.

Try it out and let us know your feedback!

#googleplusupdate #googleplusphotos
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Will be curious what happens when the iPad Mini comes out....still can't touch the price point of the Nexus 7

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Challenge yourself for 30 days. Most don't have the discipline to even try.

I am about to create a plan and visual for someones #website - never did this before...pray for me!

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Interesting....I will be curious how this works out #illegaldownloads  

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If you have a lot of All Day events, they might end up taking up a bit of screen real estate.  You can expand or collapse the All Day events section by clicking the triangle on the left side of the event grid, so you'll only see the # of All Day events you have, and by clicking you'll pop-out a list of them when you need to know the details. #CalendarTip

Learn more here:

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I highly recommend Caitlyn.  She did a wonderful job with the pictures from Mr. Habitat last year put together by +Kristin Earle .  Last year myself and +Steve Borek participated and the photos were top notch.  Just giving an endorsement!

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A lot of fun!

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Nice Tip!  +Ryan York you might want to check this one out
Uploading and managing multiple versions of a file 

From your Google Drive on the web, it's easy to upload and keep track of several different versions of the same file.

To upload a new version of a file in your Drive, just right click on any file name in your Google Drive on the web and go to Manage revisions. This opens up a dialog box that shows you at a glance the different uploaded revisions, when they were uploaded, their file size, and which is the current version. You'll be able to upload a new revision - plus download or delete previous revisions of a file.

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