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Recovery time has been nice after the busy weekend and not having to stress about last minute things is nice. I'm kind of going crazy now though. Too much down time with no plans to fill it is not ideal.

Wedding planning is exhausting and kind of overwhelming at times. It is also super exciting!

Apparently today is going to be a classic rock day since that is what the construction crews are playing next door.

And so the weekend begins... With a power outage!

What a fun, crazy weekend enjoying time with friends. I'm so happy I was able to get out and do most of the things I'd hoped to. 

Down in Vancouver for C-Cubed. Off to go opine about conventions, organizations, and such things shortly.

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These are my pictures from the +Merchants of Deva  Replicant Party at Norwescon this year. Enjoy.
NWC 2014
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What are you doing Saturday?
Mere days away! Are you ready?

As always, VNV puts on a great show.

Tomorrow is going to be a little rough though.

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Success!  Thanks to everyone who helped out!
You've done it!
Our fundraiser is over and we've hit our main goal AND our 1st stretch goal.
Thank you to all of our supporters!
And for those of you who might not have had a chance to donate: you can always volunteer at Norwescon! Visit us in Lakeside Suite 5339 and become part of our team. We'd love to have your help!
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