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 "Healthy Bites" by Ritu Taneja Mehta.

Enjoy this episode's guilt free and tasty recipe "Avocado Kebabs"

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We have 2 new columns in our new edition. Introducing the first one today.
"Yoga for Life" by our diva Avanti Nadkarni Mavinkurvé 
Avanti was introduced to yoga as a child, by her mother, who she considers her first Yoga Guru. Always drawn to yoga, spirituality and the holistic sciences, she took her first Reiki certification course 22 years ago and have remained a student of spirituality, holistic and metaphysical sciences, ever since. Avanti says: " I consider Yoga and Yoga Therapy an integral part of my life and am devoted to furthering my understanding of this vast treasury of wealth that we have inherited from our ancestors, implementing it in my life and sharing it with others around me.

Through her column "Yoga for Life" Avanti will share her thoughts and understanding of yoga and the holistic sciences with you all.
Her first write up "Breath holds the Key" she tells us about the different breathing techniques of Yoga. "just fifteen minutes of conscious breathing each day, can work wonders."....

Read on...

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We all are aware of the benefits of "Meditation" but are you also aware of the "Chakras" in your body? 
Going forward with our column "Heal with Smita" this week Smita A Govil tells us in detail..the importance of "Chakras" and introduces the 7 major Chakras and how you can empower them and increase more Joy, more Vitality and more Contentment through them.
Do check it out :-)

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And we go forward with our diva Mona Verma's column "Midlife Moments"..
the column in Mona's words : "Midlife Moments is a slice of my life as a forty something part time reference librarian and a full time mom to three children. I am a simple and honest person and I write from my heart with honesty and humor. These are simple essays on day to day life filled with interesting interactions and observations. I hope that the readers can relate to me and my experiences and we can all connect and join in the conversation."
And this week she shares the third episode with us...A fab piece on "Stereotyping" ...Check it out and tell us..if you can relate to it 
"Of Bikers, Blondes and More..."

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Evoke By Suhita...a statement in color, expression & style

Check out their FB page :

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We continue with our column "Shuddh Shakahari Desi" by our diva Ananya Mukherjee. This episode "Maktub" is a very special tribute to the real heroes of India and their families and friends.

As Ananya says : "My column Shuddh Shakahari Desi reveals a true story, inspired by a very personal experience though the protagonist here is not me but someone very dear to my life. Being from the Forces, there are bits and pieces of this anecdote that are solely my own experiences and emotions, and the rest I could connect as moments where it could have been so easily me. I have been through one war and another war like situation and I know exactly what it means, how it feels when you are torn between your selfish protective love for your loved ones and the call of duty.
My special tribute to my pips and olives, and the OG blood that runs in our veins, my friends and family and dear ones in the Indian Army, IAF and the Indian Navy."

Jai Hind!

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"It was late evening in November. I was about to curl up on the sofa with my little Beagle as usual and watch the day’s recordings of my favorite TV serials, when the doorbell rang. “Seems like one of your friends!” my husband called from the study, which faced the driveway. It was rather late for an unexpected visitor"...

Continuing with our column "The Parent Trap" by our diva Mona Vijaykar
Read on to find out what happened next...Presenting the next episode of Mona's column "Dharmatrix".

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Introducing a column which is "Thoda Hatke" as they say 
"WordStock" by Ruby Sahay will observe the trends in Modern English. Sounds interesting??? 
Ruby says :"My column WordStock is an attempt to document the visible communication pattern and trends in the English language that we use as a tool to express, connect and correspond. No highbrowed, scholarly stuff but some salient peculiarities and quirks that mark regular expressions"
make sure you tell Ruby..if you "Like" or "Unlike" her column

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"My early memories of the school are the memories of my petty delinquencies. There were days when I had loved skipping the morning prayer because the discipline and repetition of the same songs, the same gestures of silence, of submission irritated my playful soul."...writes Lopa Banerjee as she remembers her early days in school.

 Enjoy Lopa's write up "The Story of an Old School" and tell us if you can relate to it...:-)

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And we go forward with our column "Love Imprinted" by Parama Ghosh
A column where Parama shares with you her love for the beautiful things around her. 
This post is about "Kantha" one of the most popular form of embroideries practiced by rural women of Bengal and Odhisa .:-)
Enjoy as Parama takes you to a beautiful land of stitches and tales..
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