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Rakhi McCormick
Love selflessly. Serve joyfully. Live boldly in Christ.
Love selflessly. Serve joyfully. Live boldly in Christ.


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Facing Our Fears, and Losing Our Bias
Tap tap tap. Huh. It seems I AM still here!  There has been a lot of static and radio silence from my corner since the election because . . . well, good gravy! No matter what I write, I get bombarded from both ends of the spectrum. The left who can't give u...

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Love & Mercy in a Season of Enmity
You, my child, shall be called the prophet of the Most High; For you will go before the Lord to prepare His way, to give His people knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of their sins.  ~ Canticle of Zechariah ~ God is rich in mercy, because of the grea...

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Stop the Insanity! (AKA - How My Head Will Explode)
Fear not! This isn't hearkening back to the infomercials of the 80s. I won't try to sell you a product that will change your life. On the contrary, I am tired of being sold the same bill of goods. STOP IT! I have refrained in large part from writing about t...

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When You Grieve the Living
It's been awhile since I've updated anyone on my mom. She remains basically in the same condition. There was some hope that she would regain some memory as she continued to recover after her stroke. Unfortunately, there has been little change. As I like to ...

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{From Holy Cow to Holy Spirit} Shedding Expectations
It has been a long while since I've wandered down memory lane to talk about my conversion from growing up Hindu to living in the heart of Christ and His Church. Last we left off, I was entering my teenage years and had just invited Christ to be in my life, ...

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When Wounds Need Fixing, Call on the Moms!
I am getting back into the groove of writing and am over at this week talking about the untapped power of motherhood. It seems like the world has gone crazy. I'm wondering where all the moms are and what would happen if we all joined forces ...

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SQT: The One On Radio Silence and Blank Space
It has been a supremely long time since I have linked up with Kelly for le quick takes, and through the week I had splendid thoughts on how to recap the long absence. This morning, however, amid the haze of exhaustion and anticipation of the caffeine jump s...

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A Revolution of Kindness
I am finally back at my keyboard
after a long hiatus and maternity leave. Truth be told, I have tried to begin
writing again several times. There is certainly fodder everywhere we look,
especially with this election cycle and events throughout the world. Ev...

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{SQT} The One About All the Loose Ends: Mom, Kids, Homes, Love & Money
Shhh...don't get too excited. I'm just popping in with a really quick Seven Quick Takes update. The blog is still for the most part on vacation . . . unlike me. I am definitely NOT on vacation. If someone would like to send me on vacation, I am accepting of...

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{SQT}: Getting My Head Above Water
I would love to say I am getting back to dipping my toes in the water of writing, but let's be honest. These days I feel a little more like I am barely keeping my head above water so let's not even talk about my toes. Although...they do look pretty since I ...
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