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"I'll rate that a cringe/10"
"I'll rate that a cringe/10"

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Hello there! Welcome to my page! Here, you can find many great things! Some being:

Reposts of amazing videos
Reposts of amazing posts from amazing people
Decent artwork
Games with followers
And a really nice guy

And hey, while you're following me, maybe try some of these nice people:

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notices your snow
owo what's this, what's this?

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the account that i use hangouts on is still on classic google+ because i didn't reload the page

i can never reload the page now

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Now that we have that straightened out, let’s get the morning started! First thing I do in the morning is check to make sure everyone is awake. Most mornings, everyone’s up before I get here, but today in particular, the black-and-white lemurs seem super ready to go outside! No, there’s not really anything to see in this video – what’s important is what you can hear, so turn up your sound! The lemurs are alarm calling. Lemurs are loud, with a variety of calls that can be heard for miles. They use the calls to stay in touch, warn off other lemurs who might try to move into their range and to alert each other when they see a predator. #TakeoverTuesday – Mari Arbir, Keeper I, Primates

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Today I’m working the SAP (Small African Primate) routine. SAP is comprised of four buildings and a total of 33 animals. Of the 33 animals, we have tamarins, sloths (which are not primates, but are part of our department), lemurs, drills, colobus and guenons! My favorites of all these species are the lemurs! In the wild, lemurs can only be found in one place – Madagascar. Lemurs are incredibly endangered due to habitat loss, bushmeat hunts and the pet trade. Even though Malaky, the black-and-white ruffed lemur here, looks cute and fluffy, lemurs require specialized care. #TakeoverTuesday – Mari Arbir, Keeper I, Primates

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Kid: im gonna be a cop!
Adult: you can so do that!!
Kid: im gonna be the president!!
Adult: omg yes!!! You can do it little one!!!
Kid: i wanna be an arti-
Adult: oh sweetie :))) You might wanna :)))) Shoot for something :)))) a bit smaller :)))) Like :)))) a navy seal or something :)))) Artists are kinda bad :))))) Don't do art :)))))

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Tmw your artistic friend says they can't draw

+M. Maykull

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