Apple have clarified their iBooks Author EULA terms. I'm glad Apple has 'clarified' this, but I still don't like it (EULAs making claims over data files generated by a program are problematic). Furthermore, I still don't think they've really thought it through (i.e. it still isn't really clear to me exactly what I'd be agreeing to if I agreed to this, and I'm not sure it is clear to them either).

Specifically, what is the 'iBooks format'? How does this 'format' differ from 'content'?

I thought the ibook format was mostly epub. If I renamed a file so it had an '.epub' suffix rather than an '.ibook' suffix, would it still be in 'iBooks format'? If I take an epub file and rename it so it has the '.ibook' suffix, is that in 'iBooks format'? Does it depend on whether I use Apple's extensions to epub? What about if I extend epub in a compatible way before renaming the file? What if I translate the ibook into a similarly extended epub format which uses slightly different keywords?

Do they really mean that once you save a work from iBooks Author as an 'iBook', any derivative works from that iBook can only be sold in the Apple Store?
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