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World-famous Hungarian-American engineer and mathematican Rudolf Kálmán passed away last Saturday, news agency MTI reported.

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Redflow is a Australian company doing large scale batteries (e.g. for solar power installations). The tech uses a liquid electrolyte, which has interesting effects on how the technology scales.
Excited to be one of Redflow's first customers (via +GizmodoAU)
Aussie company Redflow announced its innovative zinc-bromine ZCell battery earlier this year, and tomorrow it’s getting its first public debut a...
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Only for temperatures up to 45C? Needs to be in the shade then. Probably climate change won't cripple it during its expected lifetime. What's the scaling benefit? Is it a shipping/distribution thing?

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The beatings will continue until morale improves! #BurpingTheBaby

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Solve your manpower issues today with Pinksourcing.

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Is anyone else interested in a Jason Bourne/We Bought A Zoo crossover?

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Bring on the range/approval voting?
All right, I need to vent. For months, I’ve watched Donald Trump decry as “rigged” everything from the Democratic primaries, the Republican primary rules (that’s right, the same rules that helped h…
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Perhaps each congressional district should consist of TWO separate (contiguous) regions, selected to be heterogeneous. That could undo geographical sorting and make every district competitive.

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Colour me unsurprised.
Few pros, but cons include upped risk of infection, microbiome changes, drug resistance.
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In hospitals now, you can use alcohol hand rub, instead of soap & water, unless your hands are visibly soiled. 
You're best off going to my uni web page for this info.
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    PhD (Comp. Sci.), 1995 - 2002
    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Robotics
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I stayed in the Hotel Pod Vezi while on my honeymoon and we didn't try this creperie downstairs until our last night in Prague. Big mistake. It is a small place, and doesn't have the ambiance of many of the restaurants in Prague, but the crepes were very very good.
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The Ritz is great value. A wonderful local cinema. I wish there were more like it around Sydney.
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