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Openings at Herbert Publications. HOAJ's work culture is based on principles of novelty, excellence and reliability. Our employees create an environment of innovation, team work and dedication towards the services we offer. At HOAJ, we provide our employees a chance to grow and expand their ...
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Abstract Background: Flos Lonicerae japonicae (FLJ; Kinginka) is the dried flowers and buds of the Japanese honeysuckle Lonicera japonica Thunberg. FLJ has been used as a Japanese Kampo medicine to ...
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Abstract Background: Valproic acid (VPA) a long standing anti-epileptic and anti-manic drug has been recently investigated as a neuroprotective molecule, in relation to its action as an inhibitor of ...
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Abstract Hexokinase (HK)(E.C. is the enzyme responsible for catalyzing the first step of glucose metabolism, the phosphorylation of glucose to glucose-6-phosphate (G6P). The present study inv...
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Abstract Background: Freshwater turtles, Trachemys scripta elegans, are one of the few vertebrate species capable of surviving prolonged periods without oxygen. Anoxic survival requires numerous phys...
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Abstract. Many workers involved in drug discovery will have some early familiarity with the principles of quantum mechanics as applied in chemistry. Certainly those involved in computational chemistry...
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HOAJ : Herbert Publicaitons - Open Access publisher
Herbert Publications - An open access publisher of scientific publishing began its journey in the year 2011 is committed to disseminate all the scholarly journal articles published immediately and maintain perpetual free online open access to all groups ranging from an author to a common reader.

Herbert Publications Publish Journals on Various Disciplines of Science, Medicine & Technology.

Following is the list of journals published 

Anxiety and Depression Research
Applied Scientific Reports
Archives of Anthropology
Archives of Cytology
Archives of Physiology
Biochemical Compounds
Blood and Lymph Reports
Breast Cancer Reports
Cardiovascular System
Cell signalling and Trafficking
Chronicles of Surgery
Clinical Hepatology and Hepatitis Reports
Clinical Nephrology and Urology Science
Clinical Research and Clinical Trials
Current Reports on Energy
Current Research in Palliative Care
Dermatology Aspects
Emergency Medicine and Health Care
Epidemiology Reports
Family Practice Reports
Gastroenterological and Intestinal Systems
Genomics Discovery
Geoscience Reports
Global Epidemic Obesity
Hematology and Leukemia
Hormonal Studies
Immunology Innovation
Insights of Translational Medicine
Interactive Medicinal Chemistry
Internal Medicine Inside
International Research Journal of Bacteriology
Journal of Integrative Psychology and Therapeutics
Journal of Allergy and Asthma
Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Science
Journal of Autism
Journal of Autoimmunity and Cell Responses
Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research
Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Metabolism
Journal of Environmental Engineering and Ecological Science
Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology
Journal of Foot and Ankle
Journal of Gene Therapy Aspects
Journal of Genetics Study
Journal of Histology & Histopathology
Journal of Immunotherapy Applications
Journal of Medical Disorders
Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics
Journal of Metabolomics
Journal of Molecular Engineering and Systems Biology
Journal of Nursing
Journal of Optics and Photonics
Journal of Otolaryngology
Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Research
Journal of Plant Science and Molecular Breeding
Journal of Proteome Science and Computational Biology
Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Functions
Journal of Public Health Aspects
Journal of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering
Journal of Reproductive Biology and Health
Journal of Rheumatology and Orthopedics
Journal of Sleep Disorders
Journal of Space Science and Astrophysics
Journal of Toxicology and Health
Medical Imaging and Radiology
Medical Instrumentation
Microbiology Discovery
Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
Musculoskeletal Biology
Nanomaterials and Nanosciences
Neuroscience Discovery
Nutritional Science and Food Technology
Oncology Discovery
Oral Biology and Dentistry
Orphan Diseases and Rare Drugs
Paediatrics and Health
Pain and Relief Reports
Pathology Discovery
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Pulmonology and Respiratory Research
Renewable Bioresources
Research Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Research Journal of Aging
Research Journal of Developmental Biology
Research Journal of Drug Abuse
Research Journal of Infectious Diseases
Research Journal of Women's Health
Stem Cell Biology and Research
Transplantation Technology
Trends in Vector Research and Parasitology
Universal Organic Chemistry
Vaccines & Vaccination
Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
Virology Discovery
Vitamins and Minerals Reports
Basic Information
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