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Neill Cameron
Draws comics, and that.
Draws comics, and that.

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It's been a little while but Alex and Freddy are BACK in the brand new series of Mega Robo Bros: MEGA ROBO REVENGE, starting in this week's issue of the Phoenix! (Issue #267, pictured above!) I've been looking forward to this one for ages; it's by far the b...

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Hourly Comic Day
Yesterday was Hourly Comic Day , a thing that lots of cartoonists join in with whereby, for every hour you're awake that day, you draw a quick comic about something that happened. I have always meant to join in with this as I thought it looked FUN and an IN...

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Mega Robo T-Shirts!
Just a note to mention that Mega Robo Bros t-shirts are now available from the Phoenix Shop! And, honestly, they look pretty great. Available in sizes for ages 9-11 and 12-14! A bunch of people have asked if adult sizes and / or younger kids sizes are on th...

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Thought Bubble Sketch Commissions
Hello! I'll be at the brilliant Thought Bubble comics festival in Leeds this November, and I've had a few enquiries lately about doing commissions for people in advance of it. So I thought I'd come up with a plan. So I have. And it is as follows:  I'm going...

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Mega Robo Sketchfest
Those nice people at The Phoenix recently ran a special offer to celebrate the launch of my new book Mega Robo Bros , whereby anyone who bought a book through the website would get a signed copy and a free original sketch by me. I agreed to this, slightly n...

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My new book MEGA ROBO BROS is out today from David Fickling books! It collects the first big arc of Alex and Freddy's adventures - for those counting at home, it's edited highlights of Season 1, and then the entirety of Season 2. (Season 3 currently unfoldi...

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Pirates of Pangaea Checklist
I've had quite a few people lately asking about when the next Pirates of Pangaea book might be out and, while I don't exactly know (although I could point you to some excellent books you might enjoy in the meantime ), it's worth pointing out that for anyone...

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Tamsin and the DEALS
The second volume of Kate Brown and I's Tamsin series, Tamsin and the Dark begins soon in The Phoenix , and they are running a couple of pretty great offers to mark the occasion! Firstly, they've got a special Tamsin Subscription Deal! If you take out a 6-m...

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Tamsin and the Deep
My new book with Kate Brown , Tamsin and the Deep , came out a couple of weeks ago from David Fickling Books . It's a collection of the strip of the same name which appeared in The Phoenix , a 96-page graphic novel in four chapters in which we meet the 10-y...

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How To Make (Basically Legible) Comics
As I occasionally bang on about here on the blog, I firmly believe that kids are great at making comics that other children will enjoy reading . Hoever, when yo're working with young creators there are occasionally some Basic Legibility Issues that can get ...
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