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Maverick JS
A geeky guy, python, InfoSec, secure coding, FLOSS enthusiast.
A geeky guy, python, InfoSec, secure coding, FLOSS enthusiast.


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Hey guys, there is an awesome hackathon we're organising on May 28-30, 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands at De Beurs van Berlage.

We're looking for developers to hack on replaceable homescreen or webRTC apps for Mozilla Firefox OS platform on Day 1, socially interactive apps using Facebook Parse/Social APIs on Day 2, a combination of all those technologies or an awesome app idea that you propose on Day 3 and a full-on 3 Day LEGO Mindstorms EV3 challenge.

You can choose to work on the apps that you did on Day1 or 2, or an alpha/beta app that you have, and wants to work on on day 3 will be considered as well.

For more details and sign up:

Hope to see some of you guys! :)

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Community-ness in Malaysia at its last breath? Just my thoughts. (also, if you want to comment, please do go easy on me :P) #community   #malaysia  

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#Writeup for #Nullcon #HackIM #CTF Forensics 200 challenge

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Writeup for #Nullcon   #HackIM   #CTF  Forensics 500 challenge

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Zeromutarts CTF Crypto Challenges
The magic of rsa (100) You were able to hear some whispering on the last crypto party! whisper d is 35181901. Keep it secret or we are doomed! We were given 2 files for the challenge. 1) #!/usr/bin/env python

import sys

n= 65354147
e = 13

d = ??...

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Added photos to Python Malaysia meetup Sept/Oct 2013.

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Peeked at the code of #APU  's #iWebSpace   #Android  application. :)

Bigger, better HackWEEKDAY at this year’s @HITBSecConf. #Security #HITB2013KUL #HACKWEEKDAY

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Coder : 'A simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi.' - #raspberrypi #coder
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