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As a Patriots' fan, I've been conflicted about whether it's still okay to root for them in the Super Bowl this weekend.

The best non-cheating potential explanation, seems to be that the weather (specifically temperature) affected the footballs.  So, here's a little bit more on that:

Draw your own conclusions, but mine are:
- Given the current evidence, it seems hard to conclude that they cheated. (Perhaps this will change when we get more accurate data.)
- Therefore, it seems morally fine to root for the Patriots this weekend.  
- 50 degrees isn't even that cold.  Presumably many, many winter NFL games have been played with under-inflated balls and no one has noticed.


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Cristina and I put a motion sensor on an Arduino and made a Portal sentry turret.

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Blackout Night 3 in downtown Manhattan:

East 12th Street was hopping: we had wine & pizza from Motorino's wood-fired oven.  Next door, Ducks Eatery looked ready to grill up some BBQ.  

On 14th Street, the Waffles & Dinges truck made for good dessert.

Elsewhere: The lobbies of NYU buildings were packed with students trying to get charged, Saigon Market on University Ave. had TV (!) on generator power, and the Empire state building was visible in the distance.
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The Shinteki "Puzzles of the Month" for 2012 have been great so far.

I didn't get the January one done on time (it's still available here:, but I just finished the February one, which is live now at

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Finally figured out why the lead singer of Mumford & Sons looks so familiar: It's Tim Tebow.

Also this is my favorite performance at the Grammys ... ever? (From last year)

Multiple ads in the "It's a Great Time to be a Family" series from Microsoft actually just involve family members making PowerPoint presentations.

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Avichal absolutely, completely, 100% nailed this one.

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I've been frustrated with Yelp lately, so I wrote about it.

"Yelp has the best database of business reviews. I frequently rely on those ratings to make decisions, and very rarely use other sites. Although the quality of the data keeps me coming back to Yelp, it's insulating them from being required to innovate on product features. There's a lot they could do to make me much happier as a customer."
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