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Watch the new #AllTrials   video (with captions in 15+ languages) and check out the new website at

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Google implemented a change they had long promised to YouTube so I must now feign shock and outrage and let people on the internet know! </sarcasm>
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Currently locked out of my youtube account. Apparently not wanting google+ on a youtube account counts as "suspicious activity" ... shakes head

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Hope you've been watching this series.
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I've been getting to experience the pleasure of cookie notifications everywhere as I browse UK sites for research. What amuses me most is how many down votes and negative comments this awful defence of a terrible law got.
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Have them in circles
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Random videos from our Christmas/New Year's Holidays.

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This almost makes up for the movie. Although he missed the absurd anti-evolution line.
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The power of dustep.... lol

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+Nicholas Doyle here's a unique approach to our telecom woes I hadn't considered. It's also the least likely I suspect.
The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada wants the federal government to set up a Crown corporation that would be the country's fourth major wireless communications carrier.
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Good point. I've heard that Bell/Rogers has to compete pretty hard against SaskTel (or Tbaytel in Thunder Bay).

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"If under 34 people voted at a rate of 50% of eligible voters, there would have been 171,263 more voters in 2009, an increase of more than 10% of the total vote. That is more than 2,000 votes per riding. Given that all the research indicates that those aged under 35 are more likely to consider supporting a third party or a left of centre party, this lack of youth voters benefits the right at the expense of the right."
Elections BC did some good analysis of who voted in the 2009 election, one aspect of this was a breakdown of voters by age.   I have taken their data and expanded it a bit. I have added the total provincial population  - not...

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Atheist church
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I just found a much higher quality version (HD?) of this video (which also doesn't have the first half-second of audio cut off), here:  Sunday Morning With Graham Clark - MADTV
Humanism and empirical politics
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