1 In 5 Americans have some type of disability! My wife, for example. But this could be you: If you were confined to a wheelchair, and could not afford a Mobility Van, and one was offered FREE to you, just for getting the most votes, would you ask ME to help you vote? I'd vote for you, will you vote for Eric?

You can get two votes for knowing the answer above.
There must be a reason that I keep posting this *EVERY DAY*~!
..because, most of you are NOT VOTING! How is that possible?
Are you New to Social Media? No interactions, no posts, just click plus and go to the next post?  *THIS IS IMPORTANT* please read and heed.

Eric joined the Canadian Navy, for a lot longer than many others did, and in some cases, where others did not. When he retired, he expected to have a happy busy retirement, but tragic events came his way. He is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. And he desperately needs a Handicap Van.
You can each send $10 to Eric, or your can VOTE for FREE to get a van donated to him. I'll send $10 if you will, will you VOTE because I did?
VOTE, and get a TWO VOTES, if you answer the extra question. It was TRUE today, and I got two votes. 
You can vote every day, or more often from a different IP address. Please do, share this with your friends, read Eric's story. 
Time is running out, if you VOTE, I'll stop bugging you about this

Hey, thanks.. not just from Me, but from Eric, and his wife Maxine. We are all counting on you. Let's get this Mobility Van for someone who depends on our votes. 
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