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I'm the weirdo that sits next to you on the bus.
I'm the weirdo that sits next to you on the bus.

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Tuesday's cover of the New York Post...
UPDATE: In statement, Tiger Woods says "alcohol was not involved" in his DUI arrest in Florida.
Talk to me! Make believe I'm your bartender.
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I love creative ideas.. Keeps the mind sharp..
Recycled Shipping Containers as Backyard Swimming Pools
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Of course, I want one too!
get yourself one

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Looking for trouble, finding it easy..

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YES, EVERYBODY, I asked around
#GoodMorning If you are late getting started, shake a leg, it's a work day.. well, maybe for you, I'm taking the day off again. Did I hear this is a US long Weekend?

Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
♫ Oh-oh-oh-oh, everybody was
♫ Kung Fu Fighting ♫ - Carl Douglas
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#WX today: Possibility of short-lived sun. Wear sunscreen.
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South Korea's Yonhap news agency says North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile. #Korea #News 

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Don't feel like doing anything.. how about you?

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Now, here is something you will likely only see once...
The news is not always about Trump, and why is everything he does under scrutiny, just because he is Trump? Isn't that profiling?

Here's the Coles version of this story: We have no more dirt on Trump until he comes back to the USA, so let's talk about what he doesn't do?
The other Political leaders are Politicians. Pros at playing Public Relations games. Just look at the only one smiling into the camera Justin Trudeau. Politics is the game, none of them would answer questions if they were being pinned or targeted while conducting foreign affairs.. but. if Trump doesn't hold news conferences.. this is news.. Maybe he was late for his workout .

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