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Florin Pățan
What am I but a Ghost?
What am I but a Ghost?

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From Russia with love
Nope, it's not a
review for the Bond movie . It's a story
about how I got in love with an event that I've recently took part of
and the community of developers behind it. This past weekend I
was lucky enough to be one of the participants and speakers at GDG...

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Why you should not use iris for your Go projects
I've said it so many times to various gophers I guess it's time to put it on a blog post: iris is a toxic framework and you should not use it at all. Probably there will be people saying that I should write this but I see no other option as I have no power ...

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This is a must have

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Using dependency injection pattern in Go
There are three ways to handle dependency injection done in Go. Explicit, by sending the dependency to your function / method call. Creating a wrapper to handle injecting that dependency into the code of the of the which can then be used everywhere else in ...

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How to halve the performance of NATS?
Rename the subject from "a" to "MyTopicName" :)

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go get for Github Chrome extension
As I'm a Go user and I frequently get packages from Github, I've made this little extension to help me out running "go get" quicker.

It works by detecting if the repository contains any "significant" amount of Go in it (using the Github breakdown of langua...

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Visualizing profiling in Go: A different way
Many of you will read these lines and know already a bit about how Go can help you out and profile your applications. If not, you can have a quick look at this article Profiling Go Programs  from the Go blog. As a testimony to the language, this article pre...

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Florin Pățan commented on a post on Blogger.
Nice article.

One more. You can bind a shortcut to Goimports / gofmt and it will save the current file and run the said tool on. So no need to do the File Watcher trick.

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I've just ran cloc on my $GOPATH and I'm a bit surprised. Turns out that the Go plugin for IntelliJ IDEA can really process it's way into almost 20k Go files with about 5.7 million lines of code....
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