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I have been playing Survival Craft for 2 years, and I am a painter.
I have been playing Survival Craft for 2 years, and I am a painter.

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SC 1.29 Update
Kaalus has provided us with the complete change list for 1.29 on his blog (link is on right of your screen under "links"). Here are the changes: Dispenser not editable in Adventure Projectiles damage does not bypass armor Spawner eggs spawn 100% of the time...

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It's nice to appreciate the little things in SC. Sure we all love the new items that come with every release and such, but does anyone ever pay much mind to the trees?? Kaalus has put the trees in the spotlight in 1.29. Take a look at this pic he posted of ...

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Stairs in 1.29
Hello again! With the 1.29 release, there are lots of new features concerning stairs, so I wanted to dedicate a post to them. Take a look at this picture kaalus posted: Notice anything?? Kaalus has added stair corners! This will be especially handy when usi...

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New Items for 1.29!!!
Hello all! So sorry to have been away for so long. We've gotten some snow, and the library has been closed. I'm excited for the 1.29 update, and I'm here to share some of the new items with you! First off, we've got copper tools and armor! Here's the pic ka...

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Here we go! My favorite addition to SC 1.28 - the musket. I've got some general info and crafting recipes today ;) The Recipaedia description for the musket is "A musket can be used to fire musket balls or buckshot". Musket balls are for hunting large anima...

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Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 3
This is the moment the previous posts have been leading up to!! Fireworks!! :D I'm super excited about this. I'm sure everyone will be having fun with these ;) I don't have a crafting recipe yet, but again, I'll provide a post on that soon ;) But here is th...

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Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 2
Part 2 is here! Kaalus has provided something I haven't thought much of: iron ladders and signs. I had thought an iron ladder would be nice, but the signs completely took me by surprise!! The iron ladders are slimmer than the wooden ones, so that's always n...

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Survivalcraft 1.28 - Part 1
Hello all! So sorry to have been away for so long again! There hadn't been much activity from Kaalus, and I'm still having issues with my internet connection. But since 1.28 has sooooo much, I'm gonna do this in a few parts. So stand by, and enjoy!! 1st off...

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Sharp Dressed Man
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I had a great surplus of leather (and I've been doing quite well with my cotton field!) in SC, so today, I'm gonna share the crafting recipes for my favorite articles of clothing so you can dress sharp in SC too ...

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Happy Halloween!!
Hello all and Happy Halloween!! Still nothing from Kaalus. Wonder if there will be a big SC update soon??
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