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Hannah Rooke
A little lady with big ideas (and noises). Loves buttons, crafts, design and last but not least- tea and biscuits.
A little lady with big ideas (and noises). Loves buttons, crafts, design and last but not least- tea and biscuits.

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Happy new year (yes really)
The new school year has started in Kenya and we've been busy finalising the details for the new intake of scholars. We'll be sharing some stories in the coming months of new students, as well as some from scholars at different stages of their education jour...

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"Educated girls become empowered young women; they are Africa’s biggest untapped resource."
Here are some extracts and a link to an interesting article about FGM. The 2011 ban made the practice and capture of young girls for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya illegal, but it's still widespread even though research indicates a 20% drop in the...

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KES and BDA finish 2016 on the highest note
We had 16 sponsored scholars doing their KCSE ‘end of secondary’ exams and no less than 11 have got a score that will ensure they get an offer of a place at a public university. This is down to their hard work and studying  but that opportunity wouldn't exi...

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The financial battle with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
FGM was made illegal in Kenya in 2011, but the ritual is still undertaken in parts of the country as it has it's roots in deeply proud tribal cultures. There's a lot of work in Kenya to educate people to prevent FGM procedures and at KES we're proud to work...

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Reflecting on BDA's success
We're pleased to say that local Derbyshire lifestyle magazine 'Reflections' has continued it's support of KES and published an article from Trustee Nicky. The article focuses on the recent success of three KES scholars who have embarked on their university ...

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August newsletter
The latest newsletter is out now, including the latest news from Kenya and the impact of Brexit on the charity.  Have a look at our  August newsletter by clicking here . And why not sign up to receive your very own copy here ?

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A productive Trustee meeting
Last night (11 July), the trustees had a very productive and thought provoking meeting following recent events at home and in Kenya. We'll be updating you in due course, but we've got some things to check and finalise before we can share the details.

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Newsletter coming soon
Keep your eyes peeled for our latest newsletter with some great news and interesting reflections. They'll be arriving in your inbox shortly. If you want to subscribe to get them, enter your details here .

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International Women's Day
Today (8 March) is International Women's Day and we #PledgeForParity . Today, as always, we're proud to be helping girls receive the education they deserve and crave but couldn't afford without financial support. We're also proud to be part of providing equ...
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