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Really stunning timelapse film. Watch it full-screen.
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Definitely not breaking news, but it's Friday, and I thought I'd share one of the most amazing time-lapse videos made. Enjoy (make sure to watch full-screen), and have a good weekend!
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one of the coolest things ive seen, thank you rob!!
I can't find any words fitting, so I will just say... Incredible.
thats amazing, but i'm not sure i believe some of the milky way ones are real. i mean, you have brightly lit mountains, with that dark of a sky so as to see the milky way? i dunno about that
+MIKE AHERN I'm no expert, but what I understand of the process is that these time lapses are shot with still cameras set for long exposure times. That's how the foreground appears so bright but still manages to capture detailed night sky as well.
+MIKE AHERN Yes, what +Corey Garnett said. This isn't something you could film with traditional video. In the case of the Milky Way stuff, it looks so unusual because it's been overexposed - to the naked eye, those brightly lit mountains were probably incredibly dark. The light is only pulled out of them (and the stars) through a long exposure. It wasn't an easy thing to film this well, I'm sure.
Its amazing. I stand corrected 
Bek Mak
Curse you, lag.
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