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Creative Director, turning Creativity into Creation.
Creative Director, turning Creativity into Creation.


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Found it quite shocking that all this stuff about new build developers selling off the freehold to investors and just offering the house buyers leasehold has been going on and growing so alarmingly. How is anyone supposed to get a start with some level of security? How does one "own" a home when someone else has such a say over the ground it's built on? I'd previously assumed it only applied to shared developments of flats, and older estate properties...

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You won't believe the latest revelations about Bletchley, or at least you shouldn't. If anyone can figure out who did the (invisible) Special Effects on The Imitation Game, let me know;-)

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I was going over some old presentations yesterday, and realised that for at least four years I've been explaining why most web video that most businesses spend a lot of money on getting made turns out to be a poor investment, especially for SMEs.

Of course with apologies to many video based colleagues and friends, that's counter to the tide of happy chat from marketers and video producers persuading would-be clients otherwise.

The reality for most businesses is that they will spend money for video to sit on the front of their website and in their YouTube channel gathering meagre view counts, whilst videographers explain after the fact how difficult it is to optimise video.

The expectation for video from SME's however, is a renewed hope that springs from exactly the same Field of Dreams whence sprang their website - "If You Build It, They Will Come"  - yet it's just  the tumbleweeds that roll on in.

Here's a head's up.
1) You can use video to promote your brand, win SERPS coverage you'd never otherwise get and drive heavyweights off the results pages. You can do that fast, and you can make it stick.
Oh, and by the way, view counts don't matter one little, digital bit.

2) You can use video to improve conversion by engaging the viewer, providing authority and credibility and persuading them that all things being equal they should buy whatever it is from you.
Oh, and by the way, view counts are super important.

3) You can use video to drive traffic. Unfortunately, most people drive that traffic straight back to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Oh, and by the way, getting viewers out of YouTube and into where you want them to do the conversion is more than a tad difficult with everybody else's eye candy a click away.

Don't pressgang your video into serving multiple masters, decide whether you're going for brand and coverage, or for conversion.

A fabulous video is fabulous, but don't treat video as a shining jewel, the end in itself. It's a moving picture to illustrate other content or intent. If you regard it like this, you'll be more inclined to put your Social Media shoulder behind your video and stick it where other video owners forget, or fear, to tread.

Oh, and by the way, it's not too late if you've already splashed out for your videos a while back and this all sounds chillingly familiar. Instead, take a minute and go play the competition and enjoy yourself, in about 10 days you could have 12 months of someone else's help making your web video work a little harder for you.

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We'll be discussing the relevance of an abundance mindset (checkout Covey for a popular description) in an Age of Austerity (checkout Cameron for an unpopular description) all over a great breakfast, with plenty of time for meeting new people and creating new opportunities.

£15 for non Refer-On members, including the great breakfast. Telephone 020 8144 8820 or visit

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Business networking, and a great breakfast - a best kept secret. Did I mention the breakfast?

Time to switch my Google+ valve from input to output, I think.

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In your efforts to go 'niche' on your journey to a 4-hour week, here's a little clip from an interview with Kenneth Williams of Carry On fame, voicing a little quote about specialists that illustrates how long it has been kicking around as an idea.

I've had conversations recently on the need for generalists, those who know enough about everything to hold and pattern specialist inputs together long enough - i.e. for the minimum amount of time possible - for creative, confident, completion.

There's a 'How many specialists' and 'light-bulb change' joke to be made, but I lack the comedy timing element to deliver it.

Unlike Kenneth, who'll make you smile, so enjoy the clip.
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