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Normand Chamberland

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Stephenson's Rocket

Another impressive model, this one by un1corn on the FreeCAD forum.

More pictures at

Beam Engine--V0.17 PartDesign--Mastersketch Process

ppemawm continues to impress with his complex models. Here a master sketch allows him to control the position of linked parts.

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FreeCAD v0.17.13519 update release

Well, despite the 3 months of bug fixing prior to v0.17 release, some nasty bugs managed to get through! One thing we packagers realized is that OCCT 7.2.0 hadn't been properly tested before we built FC 0.17 with it. :-\

Since the April 6th release, a few bugfix releases have been published. It's been a week now since the last one was published April 23 (revision 13519), things have calmed down.

So please make sure you're using the latest version (BTW we recently cleaned up the Download page). If you're using Ubuntu and installed FreeCAD through our freecad-stable PPA, you should have received the update by now.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Help fund Kurt's FreeCAD infrastructure work

Kurt packaged Open Cascade 7.2.0 for Debian. It should appear in unstable soon. Without his work we couldn't have published FreeCAD 0.17 with OCCT 7.2.0 on the Ubuntu PPA. He's also been working behind the scene on the FreeCAD online apps (forum, bug tracker, wiki, bridge between #freecad IRC and FreeCAD Gitter channels). Among his goals is bringing single sign-on between services.

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The v0.17 release in Yorik's words

Good explanation on why its development took 2 years.

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First mention of the v0.17 release in the media (I think).

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FreeCAD v0.17 officially released!

It took more time that anybody would have thought (2 years and 5 days to be exact), it was a heck of a ride, but as of yesterday, v0.17 is finally here. Of course, plenty of people had been using the development release (0.17_pre) for a while.

A word of caution to users of v0.16: there has been tremendous changes to the PartDesign workbench, with the introduction of the Part and Body containers. A Body is now mandatory to create PartDesign features. When trying to edit a document made in v0.16, you will be prompted to migrate it automatically. If your model was done with a mix of PartDesign features and Part objects, the migration process will most certainly leave your model in a broken state! So if you are not willing to migrate it manually (expect having to delete some stuff and recreate it), it would be best to keep a working version of v0.16 on the side to edit your old documents.

Ubuntu users: we've been having some trouble packaging OCCT 7.2.0 so the v0.17 packages may be delayed a little. In the meanwhile, the current freecad-daily 0.17.13509 package is for all intent and purposes identical to the v0.17 release, but compiled with the older OCCT 7.1.0.

We hope to update the tutorials as soon as possible.

Have fun!!!

FreeCAD v0.17 approaching release

We're a week from a full 2-year development cycle since the v0.16 release. I think we're probably looking at an official release in the coming week or two. Hoping I'm not jinxing it! :P

Of course, packagers will go to work next to provide Windows and Mac installers, Linux AppImage and Ubuntu PPA packages.

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Revamped FreeCAD Tutorials documentation page

FreeCAD's wiki had a Tutorials page that listed tutorials alphabetically, which didn't make it very user-friendly; it also made page titles impossible to translate in other languages.

I just reworked the page, sorting selected tutorials into categories (Arch, Part Modeling, FEM...). I'm hoping it will be easier to choose and pick tutorials.
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