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Join Babywearing Around Tulsa for our monthly meeting the last Saturday of every month at the Schusterman-Benson Library at 33rd and Harvard from 10am-12pm.
Join Babywearing Around Tulsa for our monthly meeting the last Saturday of every month at the Schusterman-Benson Library at 33rd and Harvard from 10am-12pm.

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International Babywearing Week 2016 - Best Seat in the House
This year's IBW theme is Best Seat in the House.  We have a slew of on-line and in person events lined up for you!!  Some oldies but goodies are coming back, like Ask an Instructor, the Babywearing Scavenger Hunt, and a carry challenge to keep you busy all ...

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What's all this fundraising for, anyway?
Some of this will echo what Tiffany said, but I want to share here my thoughts as well. We are so glad you asked! It takes a fair bit of money to run a group this size and to keep our meetings free and open to the public. Every month our membership grows, t...

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On Continuing Education - a note from Tiffany
Why we need YOUR help. Being a babywearing educator is a tough gig. Dealing with all of the daily issues with moderating the group, keeping up with all the behind the scenes paperwork, insurance, legal issues... THEN blogging, teaching classes, keeping up o...

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Let's Compare! Standard Mj vs Standard Tula
Trying out our new MJ! MJ baby carriers are fairly new to the market and a definite up and comer! It's comparable to a standard Tula with a few key differences.  1) Deeper seat 2) Taller back panel  3) Dual adjustable waist strap is 4-6 inches longer than t...

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Is my carrier safe??? How you can trust your carrier not to fall apart and drop your baby.
I'm not talking about using a carrier that is too big for your baby, which poses a suffocation risk. Proper fit and support in a carrier is a completely different topic. I'm talking about being assured of the quality and safety of the materials and construc...

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Labor of Love
If you've been to a meeting you've seen those ladies in green shirts.  They are unpacking bags, setting up stations, checking carriers, greeting you when you walk in the door, and so much more.  They help teach at the stations, they direct the lost where to...

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Happy 4th Birthday, BWAT!
I just want to wish a happy 4th birthday to Babywearing Around Tulsa!  What a milestone!   This is my first baby.  I knew before Bitsy was born that I wanted to wear her.  I ordered this moby on a black friday sale because Mobies were the only carriers I re...

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Madame Googoo Carrier Review
I was lucky enough to borrow the toddler sized Madame Goo Goo buckle carrier from our lending library recently. I have been waiting a while to try this beauty! When Babywearing Around Tulsa first got this carrier, my kiddo was too small, and then I waited f...

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International Babywearing Week 2015
Who is excited for IBW 2015?!?!  I am!!!  Babywearing Around Tulsa has an amazing line up of events, something for every day of the week!  Check it out: IBW 2014 Guthrie Green Wear-in Just like last year, we will kick off IBW with a Guthrie Green Wear-In . ...

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Addicted and Impatient
I wrote this post before I gave birth to my beautiful second baby.  Then I promptly neglected the blog and forgot to post this as I basked in Squeakers glorious newbornness.   Very first picture carrying both my babies. KHR Memories From Under the Bridge Bi...
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