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Hello G+! Who's here? It's been a long time.

I dreamed we were moving into a huge decrepit house, but before we could move in we had to make sure all the pieces were there, like a toy that gets snapped together. Crumbling mansion, some assembly required.

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I managed a tiny bit of exercise this morning, which not only makes me feel like I accomplished something, but also seems to have helped my "old-person-morning-back" syndrome. Nice.

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I hate it when life reminds me that I'm not as calm/right/sane/whatever as I think I am. Being human has its perks, sure, but this imperfection thing is lame.

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"So dear readers, I ask you to join me in my pledge to stop scrutinizing other people's parenting. Together lets vow to look at every situation from the eyes of the other parent, who may be having a hard day, may need a little break from her children, or may be on to the correct way of parenting." Amen.

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"If it were suddenly a universally socially acceptable custom to take 20K-100K to celebrate our 30th birthdays in a lavish and extravagant way, would we have as many weddings? Would we have as many divorces?"

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Hubby & me as Jacob & "Team Jacob" at the Halloween party last night. Another couple was Edward & "Team Edward." The guys' masks had us giggling all night.

And now, exciting real-life conversations:
Me: "Get dressed, because you can't play soccer in your pajamas."
My son: "Yes I can."
"I will not allow you to play soccer in your pajamas."
"You're not the boss of me!"
"Yes, in fact, I am the boss of you."
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