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Garla Smith
Bonika Wilson - A Woman Making A Difference
Bonika Wilson - A Woman Making A Difference

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What I Learned During My Entrepreneur Break
Yep, I said it.  An entrepreneur break not a work break.  I have been on an entrepreneur sabbatical.  I took almost 2 years to explore working full-time for an employer after 10+ years of creating, building, launching various ideas.  It has been a journey. ...

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Please share with your network. We are working to present all qualified candidates by Friday 1/13.

Bonika Wilson of Wilson Capital Management provides tailored consulting services (financial, organizational planning, capital strategy) to help small to medium size businesses grow. She has made a successful career transition as a banker to entrepreneur, while being a mother, wife and co-founder of a non-profit helping Alabama youth stay motivated during challenging situations. What an inspiration!!!

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Why Is Labor Data An Important Piece of the Career Development and Job “Landing” Process?
Let’s first address what is Labor Data.     Labor market information (LMI) includes all quantitative or qualitative data and analysis related to employment and the workforce . In other words, LMI looks at how many jobs are available and the quality of those...

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2016 Best Careers/Jobs for Smart Moms and Dads
I have met thousands of women and men who are looking for careers that allow them to meet the immediate or projected demands of their lives.  They are also looking for work that has value.  Their enthusiasm is directly tied to their personality, interest, w...

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What To Do When You Are Stuck Trying To Reach Your Job Goal?
 It happens all the time, especially for multi-taskers, caretakers, Smart Moms, conventional, investigative, and artistic Holland code types.  The steps needed to accomplish your goal can get overwhelming and immobilize you completely.  You are challenged o...

Anna Wintour, Editor In Chief of Vogue, Like Oprah, Another Focused Business Woman

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Leverage Your Caretaking Experience
Recently, my mom moved to the area and is living in an Independence Living Community with Home Health support coming in regularly.  As a mother, wife, employee, entrepreneur and endurance athlete among other things, I needed support to make sure that my mom...

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Launching the official coaching leg of Smart Moms this month along with Family Friendly Job promotion! We are open for business again!!
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