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Website Comment
Assalamualaikum and Hye anyone... Today class we was work in group to discuss about the company website. So, for first part was our opinion about the website from our view. And for second part is based on Element of a Brilliant Homepage. For first part was ...

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Start The Move
Assalammualaikum and Hye… Today, I think a lot of clarifications and explanation that
Dr. Fareed gives to make GOMC became easier. Before I tell a story about
Pre-Campaign Report, actually I have a happy news.hehehe… Finally we have
company to interview and...

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Feel Sorry and Progress
Assalammualaikum and Hye.. First of all, I feel that I should ask forgiveness from Dr. Fareed because make him disappointed. Dr, actually you just too kind. That why, we don't make serious in you class but it does't mean we don't respect you. =) Actually al...

sometime, when we think that we care about something, it actually hurt them or make it more worse...maybe it about time to change became more 'silent'...still work out on it..

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Before start
Assalammualikum and Hye... Hopefully today have be your best day than yesterday. This weekend was one of busy weekend. Busy with my first proposal to be submit. Busy call company to be partnership for GOMC. And I be the LUCKY!!!! one to present the article ...

Today lesson...Allah SWT can give what HE want and can take back what HE was given before....thank Allah...

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The Next Step
Assalammualaikum and Hye... Hopefully everyone have a good day and enjoy every moment of your life =) The next step of Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC), about make AdWord for the company that be choose. But everything not as easy as we talk...huhuhu...

hiking = learning.. thank Allah
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