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6th annual poll:
Check out this blog post by Nathan Bransford, the author of the Jacob Wonderbar series
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You didn't include "I already do"
I have bought quite a few - it's so easy to download.  I still that paperbook in my hands but when faced with purchasing - especially in New Zealand, buying an ebook is definitely cheaper and easier.
Agree with Nobilis Reed, above. There are only a very few categories of physical books one might continue to buy, and those are fading fast since the categories can be enhanced with tablet computing:  visual dictionaries; pocket travel guides with useful maps; art books.  Otherwise, I do not purchase physical books for myself and have been shedding my physical collection every month. I will buy them for friends and family who are Luddites.
I buy physical books when I want to be able to (legally) share them widely. I like to create pass-along books, where each person who has owned it writes in it.
I've actually made the transition to audiobooks. The only times I'm sitting in one place long enough to actually read is when I'm on a plane or on vacation. For those cases, I'm about 50/50 paper/eBook. 
I hope I can say no....currently I'm buying e-books related to business and current events (magazines too), but art (coffee table books etc) and fiction, as well as history books, I prefer to read with a paper book in my hand. I like to see the sticky notes and sometimes write in the books. I know you can do all of that with e-books and I do use those functions but I still prefer "the old way". I don't have to worry about my paperback running out of battery!
" I don't have to worry about my paperback running out of battery!"

Neither do I.  If my cheapo netbook runs out of juice, I have my cheapo tablet and my cheapo phone.
Yes ... it is a matter of money.  Either I read at home on our readers or borrow from the library.  I can't afford to buy the number of paperback or hard bound books my husband and I devour in a week!
"cheapo" lol... I have 2 smartphones, an iPad and laptop but I will still love my paperback books... sigh
Libraries and bookstores are my favorite places to be!
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