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Nathan Bransford
Author of 'How to Write a Novel' and the 'Jacob Wonderbar' series
Author of 'How to Write a Novel' and the 'Jacob Wonderbar' series

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The past few weeks in books 3/24/17
The Oculus. Follow me on Instagram!  @nathanbransford The past few weeks! In the books! Want to start your own publishing company? Seems like as a good place to start as any, amirite?? There's some really great advice in this guide at Writer Unboxed . Speak...

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Stop thinking and start doing
Back in my Youth, before I had written any novels, I spent a lot of time brainstorming and taking notes. I was working on a complicated novel idea at the time and I needed to invent a whole world from scratch, which happens when you're writing science ficti...

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How to know if you have a good editor
The art of editing is a bit of an ephemeral skill, and apart from an editor's credentials it can be difficult to know how seriously to take their notes. Sure, if the person works at Random Penguin Harlequin Harper House and has edited every famous Jonathan ...

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9th Annual Blog Bracket Challenge!
It's mid-March, it's sleeting in New York, and you know what that means. Well, I don't know what the sleet means. But it's our 9th blog bracket challenge!! Who is the greatest literary bracket prognosticator of them all? Probably not me, if history is any i...

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Do you even want to win the game you're playing?
Human beings are a competitive bunch. We want to be HASHTAG WINNING at life. We want to be the BEST and the RICHEST and the BEST LOOKING and WIN EVERY ARGUMENT and have the CUTEST ANIMALS AS PETS HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN FLUFFY I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HER. We want to...

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The past few weeks in books 2/10/17
We've had some weather. I'm on Instagram  @NathanBransford Well, it's certainly been an interesting few weeks, and I have accordingly collected some interesting articles and blog posts that caught my eye. It wouldn't be fair to hoard them myself, so here th...

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Are people persuadable?
One of the things I've found fascinating throughout the election and beyond, is the extent to which people are, or aren't persuadable. Is there really such a thing as a swing voter?  What makes people change their minds? What are the lines in the sand that ...

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The curse of having too much time
My new writing haunt - the Rose Room at the NYPL . I'm on Instagram  @nathanbransford When I was laid off at my previous job a few months back I was suddenly confronted with a problem I hadn't experienced since my college years: I had all the time in the wo...

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How are you staying productive?
We were already living in an era of distraction, and that was before a polarizing presidential election and breaking news coming at us fast and furious. My social media feeds used to be an eclectic mix of a range of interests. Now? 100% politics. I keep get...

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How are you doing?
There's a lot that I've been intending to blog about recently, things related to books, writing, and all the things that used to fill the pixels on these pages. But then I read the news or go on my social feeds, and writing seems like the last thing on anyo...
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