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Nathan Bransford
Author of 'How to Write a Novel' and the 'Jacob Wonderbar' series
Author of 'How to Write a Novel' and the 'Jacob Wonderbar' series

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This week in books (and politics) 12/2/16
Photo by me. Follow me on Instagram! @ nathanbransford This week! The books! (And some politics this time). First up, if you haven't already voted in the 10th annual e-book poll , pray get thee to the post to vote! I'll reveal the results early next week an...

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Trump supporters, can we make a deal?
Yes, this is a political post. Context here . No hard feelings if you decide to skip to the next post. Hello and congratulations on the election. If you are indeed a Trump supporter, I would like make a plea to you: please read this post in full even if you...

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Will you ever buy mostly ebooks? (10th annual poll)
Well by golly we made it to ten years of this poll. I have been asking this question every year since 2007 , when the Kindle was brand new and the iPad did not yet exist. So. Do you think you'll ever buy mostly ebooks? Do you already? Caveats, because even ...

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The last week in books 11/21/16, plus a few words about politics
Photo by me. Follow me on Instagram! @NathanBransford First up, thank you to everyone who weighed in on the two posts last week ( here and here ) about how authors should navigate politics on social media. The discussion was almost entirely wonderful and po...

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The end of truth
If you've been too distracted by the presidential election to follow the latest cutting-edge theories in physics, you may be surprised to learn that the latest in physics sounds... well... actually quite a lot like the presidential election. (And no, I'm no...

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Has the writing community become close-minded to alternate viewpoints?
In discussing how authors navigate politics in social media , an anonymous author chimed in about closed-minded he/she believes the online writing world to be to anything other than liberal perspectives. Is the writing world closed off to opposing views? Ha...

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How should authors navigate politics on social media?
When I started blogging and doing The Social Media around 2007 (grandpa alert!), the conventional wisdom was that authors should steer clear of politics. You don't want to alienate half of your audience! Those are potential readers out there! Let's all get ...

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Now we write
Writing fiction is an act of empathy. It requires us to see the world through the eyes of people other than ourselves. Writing fiction is an act of imagination. It requires us to see possibilities that do not yet exist. Writing fiction is an act of dedicati...

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This week in books 11/4/16
Photo by me. I'm on Instagram here . This week! The books! First off, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE. I'm going to resist getting political here on the advice of my mother and am going to avoid pleading that you don't vote for a certain candidate who I won't name who...

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Want to finish your novel? Try talking to yourself
Nathan here! Kendra Levin is a senior editor at Penguin, a life coach for writers, and the author of the recently-published The Hero Is You , a self-help book for writers on the writing journey out now! Visit her at and follow her @kendra...
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