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Have you circled me? Let me know why!

I get a lot of people circling me, but I don't know why they are doing this, so I'm not sure how to circle them back. I currently publish stuff for #lowcarb #keto diets, and do some notices on #bitcoin . Other things are for my friends only. If you aren't seeing updates from me, it's because I normally target circles based on the interests in that circle, so let me know why you're circling me.

#burningman if you go to the popular nevada festival or to its regional events.
#collapse if you want mostly news articles relating to social and economic instability, especially regarding #peakoil #peakeverything
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I've got you in there already Zooko. This was mostly for the random people who I see have circled me on my notifications page. I think most of them are coming from my brother's posts which I comment on frequently and he has 6k people following him, but I'm really not sure and if they are adding me for another reason, I'd like to know because otherwise they aren't going to see my updates.
I posted a circle of people interested in bitcoins. :)
Yeah, I just ganked it :) Unsurprisingly, some of these randoms are now marked as in that circle, so I'm guessing there are people seeing some of my public bitcoin posts too.
Circled due to Bitcoin. You may want to put suggested circles in your profile.
bitcoin. However I don't expect bitcoin only related posts
Too bad that's all I'm going to give you! No, actually its the opposite. If you aren't in my bitcoin circle, you won't get my bitcoin posts. I keep it limited because I don't think my friends would like to get yet another bitcoin post or yet another low carb recipe. And it would make me sad if my friends uncircled me due to boring (to them) content. Apparently my wife and I talk about Burning Man so much our friends have made a drinking game about it.
+Fjord Lynn Soon, I've heard, Google will allow anyone you follow to subscribe to any of your circles so they can listen to other stuff you say, but only they things they are interested in (when you post them only to those circles. I can't wait for this to happen!
That will be awesome. I actually made a bug report along those lines. That and making a search or at least a #hashtag as a pseudoperson in a circle.
Low carb! ;)
I sometimes circle people who make intelligent comments in general. In your case I liked that you saw spotted the comparison weekly wage vs monthly rent. I have pretty broad interests, including bitcoin, economics in general, technology, energy, sports&nutrition (participating rather than watching), funny stuff.
I was thinking about circling you and then figuring out why later on until I saw this. :P
I found you as a restaurant owner here in G+. I did a search and they recommended you. I do various marketing strategies for restaurants and other small businesses. I do not know what Bitcoin is but I have lived outside for over 2 years (in my 20s) and dig your no waste smore technique. I'll have to add the foil wrap style to just throwing wet dough on the coals?
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