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I've dumped Sprint for Republic Wireless. They're now shipping the Motorola Defy XT, which has a dual band radio that will work in a lot of the remote areas in Nevada. And of course, the best part is that the service is $19/month. I'll be sending out a text with my new number soon.

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Another great art set; this one has a theme of mashing up humanity and nature.
Yuri Laptev (17 фото)
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So far wind has been uneconomical in Florida due to the relatively low surface wind speeds. This could make it more feasible as a night time backup to solar electric. Essentially by surrounding the fan with an airfoil lip, it pulls more wind across the blades, significantly increasing power output.

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A good intro video on collapse. It is short on data, and because it's a TED talk, the end kind of goes into happy horseshit "we can do it, you can help" territory, but it's only 16 minutes and it covers the basic concepts and put the timeframes in clear perspective. One thing I really like this video is that he echos a concept I have been saying for a while now: you have to stop taking news items like revolution in Tunisia and the American Occupy movement as separate, when in fact, they have similar root causes.

If this interests you, let me know and I'll add you to #collapse .

#peakoil #peakeverything

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See what google thinks of you. Based on the information it has gleened from your various accounts, you can see what the ad server thinks you're into. For me it was
Your categories

Beauty & Fitness - Fitness
Finance - Investing
Food & Drink - Grocery & Food Retailers
Shopping - Consumer Resources - Coupons & Discount Offers

Your demographics
Age: 35-44
Gender: Male

Yup, they pretty much got my number.

Have you circled me? Let me know why!

I get a lot of people circling me, but I don't know why they are doing this, so I'm not sure how to circle them back. I currently publish stuff for #lowcarb #keto diets, and do some notices on #bitcoin . Other things are for my friends only. If you aren't seeing updates from me, it's because I normally target circles based on the interests in that circle, so let me know why you're circling me.

#burningman if you go to the popular nevada festival or to its regional events.
#collapse if you want mostly news articles relating to social and economic instability, especially regarding #peakoil #peakeverything

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Excellent Tilt Shift of Rio
this is a shoot of Rio, so brief and gripping.

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A great art set
Ryohei Hase is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan.
His freelance work includes #illustratingweb , cd, magazines, #games and fashion #photograph . In his spare time Ryohei also creates his own #painting , which are truly breathtaking. The objective of his paintings is to express the #darkness of mind, which is sad and gloomy but at the same time, beautiful and strong.
#surrealism #fantasy #digitalart
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