Joe Palooka: A Preview
Turns out that "Team Palooka" actually released the first two issues o' their resurrected Joe Palooka comic on October 3rd ( While the actual, physical issues are gonna be available early 2012, ya can purchase them in a digital bundle for the low, low price o' $1.99. If this were actually somethin' I wanted ta see happenin' this would be a great deal. I'm almost considering purchasin' these just so I can see how bad they are...

But I don't really have ta since they released a free 13-page "FREE-VIEW" (cornball or what?). I was actually able ta save these images an' ya can check some of 'em out below. Before gettin' too deep inta these, ya might wanna check my previous posts on this topic so ya can get some o' the back story if ya ain't aware o' Joe Palooka ta begin with.

I didn't wanna just post all o' these since the idea is that ya sign up for their emails (the things I do for you folks) but here's the gist o' the thing. Nick Davis is a fighter o' some kind. He goes ta the bank one day an' a robbery starts. He ends up scrappin' with the robbers, an' while he's wrestlin' for the gun, it goes off. Bullet hits a old security guard but Nick manages ta shoot the robbers. He's so freaked out that he runs off but sneaks back to the scene later. The old security guard points ta Nick in the crowd with his dyin' breath while a detective is leanin' over him who seems to have some sorta family connection ta the guard. Nick thinks that the detective is gonna interpret this as the guard fingerin' him for his murder so he runs again just after the guard dies...

Still with me? So, now Nick Davis tells all this to his girlfriend (I guess) who states that his fingerprints are on the gun and while she's sure he didn't do anythin' wrong, the evidence might be twisted against him. Now 'cause he's on the lam, he needs money ta help his sister finish school 'cause she can't afford her apartment without him. It's at this point that he jumps a fence inta Tijuana ta enter a prize fight 'gainst the "Aztec Champion." Just before the fight, the announcer christens him "Joe Palooka" like Spider-Man an' Bruce Campbell.

Aside from the amateurish artwork in places, the cliche of it all, an' the simple fact that it's annoyin' to see a lovable lug like the original Joe Palooka made inta a MMA fighter, I got a few gripes. His name ain't really Joe Palooka?!?!? That's a little dumb considerin' this is supposed ta be the rebirth o' the character. Also, there were witnesses at the bank. I don't see how this essential plot element o' him worryin' 'bout bein' mistaken for a theif/murder works when the comic shows that other people were there in the bank to see exactly what happened. I guess this could be worse but there are other elements that have been promised an' hinted at that could make this even more insultin' ta the character o' Joe Palooka an' a average reader's intelligence.

I'll keep an eye out for more news on this folks. I'd be interested ta see what people think o' this so feel free ta comment below.
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