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There’s a reason our business is based in Tahoe & not a big city. Hint: it’s the people.

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Are you the type of faint-hearted soul who fears the day opportunity comes a'knockin?

Do you lack creative vision and couldn’t manage your way out of a roomful of kittens?

Would you rather work in a drab urban cubicle than have a
healthy-work life balance in the pristine Sierra Nevada mountains?

If so, then this in NOT the job for you

However, if you love terabytes of data and have a good background in the photo/video world;
* If you’re highly self-motivated and self-organized but you’re also a team player;
* If you can crack the whip on video editors and still photographers to deliver results on time and in a organized fashion;
* And if you would love to live in South Lake Tahoe, where adventure is right out the back door, then …


Big news: Novus Select is hiring a Post Production Manager to join our new office in South Lake Tahoe! [Details below]
(Side note: if you’re wondering why I’m posting this position on the CRP page, it’s because in addition to running CRP, I’m also a co-owner of Novus Select, a unique production company and assignment agency. For the past 8 years, the Novus Select HQ has been based in Maine, and I'm really excited to be moving the office here to South Lake Tahoe at the end of this month. CRP and Novus Select will be co-sharing an office (but more on that later). Some of the biggest jobs I do in both the photo and film worlds go through Novus Select, and I’m happy that the same can be said for many of my colleagues and friends.)


Novus Select, a global production network based in South Lake Tahoe, CA, is in search of a driven and talented individual to fill the role of Post Production Manager.

About Novus Select:
Novus Select (NS) is a hybrid of a traditional photographer/filmmaker representation and a full fledged production company, handling everything from single day still shoots to month long, international commercial video projects, all while managing end-to-end production. Clients include top brands like Apple, RedBull, Nikon, The North Face, General Electric, Nike, and more.

Job Description:
The Post Production Manager will oversee all elements of post-production including creative development, management of the editing team, content licensing, client review + feedback, and final delivery.
The Post Production Manager will work closely with the Director and production team to ensure a seamless transition from in-the-field production to post production. Likewise, the Post Production Manager will be the key team NS team member in communication with the client throughout the post production process.
Additionally, the Post Production Manager will be responsible for development and management of the NS Project Archive, making sure an organized hard drive system of all NS content is properly maintained.

•Detail-oriented self starter, comfortable working both individually and in a team setting
•Top-notch communication and client management skills
•Experience in a managerial role
•In-Depth knowledge of photo/video industry
•Software Skills: Apple iWork, Google Apps, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro

South Lake Tahoe, California, with flexibility to relocate

Full Time, Salary + Benefits (Healthcare, Vacation)
Competitive Industry Salary

Application Instructions:
Please send a cover letter and resume in PDF form to

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We’ve been dishing out a bunch of mysterious posts lately (sorry-not-sorry!). Sticking with that theme, can anyone guess what’s going on here? What is CRP creating in the background of this image? We’ll send a CRP “Dehydration Kit” to the first person who answers correctly, and specifically.

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Just unboxed the beast! After shooting INSPIRED (, the video that helped launch the +Nikon USA  D5, I’ve been counting down the days to finally get my own hands on this sick little puppy. And, here it is! With the most impressive specs I’ve ever seen on an HD-SLR, I know that this camera will be my go-to workhorse for photography and 4K video. Now the only question is, will one be enough, or will I be buying a second? #NikonLove #NikonUSA #D5

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It was another one for the books! I had an awesome time working with +CreativeLive  and +Red Bull Photography to create a three-day workshop on Action Sports Photography. Thanks to everyone who tuned in! Thanks to the athletes, my team, and our sponsors who helped make this happen!

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Christian Pondella is one of the top adventure sports photographers working today and I had the pleasure of interviewing him yesterday for our ongoing film project (details to be released soon!). We decided to shoot the interview outdoors and ended up dealing with every single element that makes shooting outdoors challenging: rain, wind, snow, sunshine, birds, cars, and planes. On the plus side, we had a beautiful location, and Christian shared a ton of valuable insight and wisdom for this project. Thanks, Christian! +Nikon USA 

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I’ve been shooting photos since I was 13, so it’s safe to say that I’ve watched the world of photography and video undergo a ton of changes. Each time there’s a big shift—whether that’s in the introduction of new technology or even how we approach and use it—I often find myself pausing to stop and reflect about what this new technology/approach means to me personally. I think that that’s something every passionate photographer and filmmaker wrestles with. And I think that’s a good thing.

But as the world of the visual arts changes and evolves, there’s always one thing that remains the same: And that is, the creative process that goes into making the strongest visual statement possible.

Wynn Ruji is one of my best friends, and probably one of the most talented guys I’ve ever met. We grew up taking pictures together. When we would stand side by side with cameras in our hands, it was always Wynn who’d come away with the better picture. And that hasn’t changed. His clients include a long list of car companies, in addition to shooting for Apple, Nikon and Charles Schwab amongst others.

Wynn recently shared with me some of his most recent work for a new Subaru campaign, which included new vehicles as well as a concept car.

What’s super interesting about these photographs is that there’s no car actually in these locations. Wynn and his crew went out to several locations around the world, namely Iceland, and shot high resolution photographs of the background. He also used a Nikon D810 on a nodal head to map the location lighting and reflection data in 360 degrees, which is very similar to our recent project with Google Maps on El Capitan. Later, in post production, he was able to combine the background, hdri dome (the 360 degree image), and vehicle data to create a realistic final image.

Pretty remarkable stuff. There’s certainly a rationale for why this makes sense. For Subaru, they don’t have to worry about shipping a car anywhere, nor do they need to worry about people seeing a confidential design of a concept car before they release it to the public

At first I sort of struggled with the idea that this might be the direction that photography is going. But the more I thought about it, the more I appreciate the amount of work, intelligence and artistry that went into making these images. Bringing CG to your own pictures might not be the direction of your own photo future, but that’s what’s so cool about this profession. We all get to choose our own creative processes in order to make the strongest visual statements we can.

You’ll be seeing Wynn’s pictures all over the world on billboards and magazines. Well done, Wynn. I look forward to the next time we get to stand next to each other, with cameras in our hands.

Check out our blog to see the full story and more of Wynn's work. +Nikon USA +Wynn Ruji 
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Wanted: Photo/Film intern with a degree in adventure, alpine starts, fast-and-light style, single-push productions, and living life to the fullest here in South Lake Tahoe, California. We’re looking for our next intern to help with our daily-office production as well as evening micro-brew consultations. Position is paid and based in Tahoe. Check out our blog for more details on how to apply!

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A contemplative moment for Dylan Zellers before dropping into the terrain park at Northstar California Resort. I captured this portrait last week during my +CreativeLive course on Action Sports Photography with support from +Red Bull Photography. I had an awesome time teaching the course, but one of the highlights was reconnecting with Dylan, a local shredder and longtime friend who I’ve watched grow up into an amazing world-class athlete. Being around such awesome, well-raised kids like Dylan and his brother Ryan was a big part of the inspiration for Marina and I to one day have our own little grommet! This image was shot on a +Nikon USA D5 with a 70-200mm f/2.8 Nikkor lens. It was a one-light set-up with a +Profoto Pro-B4 pack, and a 10” magnum reflector with grid to help throw a kiss of light across Dylan’s face. If you missed the course, check it out on CreativeLIVE's website!

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The momentum is building for our secret film project, and I’m getting more and more excited for each interview. Yesterday, we sat down with the acclaimed, best-selling author +Steven Kotler, who has covered some of the most impressive scientists, engineers, and extreme athletes of our time, and taken a deeper look into how they are so cutting edge. Steven, the author of “The Rise of Superman,” and most recently, “Tomorrowland,” is a highly intelligent and fascinating guy who is not afraid to make some really bold statements! Thanks, Steven, for your precious time and for giving us so much enthusiasm for our project. Also, thanks to Doug Devore for the use of your house. Onward!
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