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Out of Your Hands - PIF Competition

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Using the two ‘The Devil’s In Your Details’ public information films (produced as part of a Government led initiative), our films and the competition winners from last year, we want your students to produce their own public information film.

The Out of Your Hands? films are designed to convey important messages about keeping yourself safe from mobile and online crime, covering: Phishing, vishing, having your phone stolen, being involved in the buying or selling of a stolen phone, protecting yourself from identity theft by keeping your hand-held device secured/PIN protected.

There are 16 existing short films available to watch on covering these messages. We’d like you to develop your own short film – this time, a public information film.

Here’s how to do it:
First, watch ‘The Devil’s In Your Details – Online Fraud’ and ‘The Devil’s In Your Details – Vishing’. These entertaining public information films deal, respectively, with phishing and vishing.
Then, see our pages on public information films. We take a fascinating and entertaining look at the history, style and messages of public information films from the 1940s, through their heyday in the 1970s/80s to the present day.

Watch any or all of the other films on the site, including the winners of last year’s short film competition.

Then, using your knowledge, and being as creative and daring as you can be, we’d like you to develop your own, 60-second public information film.

You can choose: phishing, vishing, mobile crime or identity theft as your theme.

Public information films are short, memorable films, usually from a government or other authority, advising what to do in various situations. Subjects include road and home safety, crime prevention, and awareness of potentially dangerous things like overhead power cables, water, strangers and diseases.
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Post has attachment - FREE National Curriculum materials supporting PSHE/Citizenship, English and Drama, ICT, Maths and Business Studies along with downloadable worksheets that aim to help teachers address these issues with young people so they can protect themselves when using a mobile advice; making financial transactions and using digital media.
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