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Jeremy Walker
Christian Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend
Christian Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend

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On Cecil the Lion and the Resulting Outrage
Recently, my social media feeds have exploded with people
expressing outrage and deep sadness over the killing of Cecil
the lion . You might be led to think that they were best friends with this
beast, although none of these people have ever met or scene Ce...

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My first post on LinkedIn: Catching a Dream

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Lessons From Pre-School Photos
The following photos of Lainey at pre-school today reminded me of things that make life great: A fun, comfy spot to rest A good book to read A friend to sit next to and read with A friend to learn with and play with Friends to sing and dance with Don't be f...

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My #IceBucketChallenge
My nephew Brody challenge me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge . Lydia and Lainey wanted to do it too.   :) Jeremy and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Lydia and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Lainey and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Lainey's First Day of Pre-School
Lainey is attending the same preschool that Lydia attended, which is next door to the PDO she has been attending. It would appear the familiarity of already knowing a lot about the school and her teacher (which was Lydia's for 2 years) made the transition v...

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Pondering Passover
Yesterday I found myself thinking about Passover, which we are a couple of days into at this point. Not being from a Jewish family, the significance of Passover is somewhat lost on me from a cultural perspective. However, several years ago Lisa and I sat do...

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No One Higher - TuesdayTunes
Lyrics for " No One Higher " by Aaron Shust Our Father, Creator You hold our hearts together There's no one higher than You Redeemer, Defender Our great and mighty Savior There's no one higher than You You are always with us Gracious to forgive us By Your p...

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Keep Making Me - TuesdayTunes
Lyrics for " Keep Making Me " by Sidewalk Prophets : Make me broken So I can be healed ‘Cause I’m so calloused And now I can’t feel I want to run to You With heart wide open Make me broken Make empty So I can be filled ‘Cause I’m still holding Onto my will ...

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Starting Over is Hard
3 weeks ago I started over. I hadn't run since I injured myself at the end of July and the insanely cold weather finally eased up a bit, motivating me to get going. I have learned that I have to rein in myself when I start running after
even a brief break,...

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Photo: Lydia on 14MAR14
Today Lydia was the Door Holder at school. She loves being a helper. I love her for that and so much more.
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