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Jericho Reviewed by Hannah Holt The Jericho area, just outside of the town centre, is full of wonderful little eateries. But even with all of those the Oxford Branca still manages to shine! With a little outside seating area, complete with warm, tartan blan...

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The Big Society
Cowley Road Reviewed by Hannah Holt I’m sure as students you’ll all come to have your favourite pub - the local that manages to churn out hearty grub when you need it most. For me it’s always been ‘Bic Soc.’. Not only is the building itself lovely, and sit...

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Pierre Victoire
Oxford City Centre Reviewed by Hannah Holt There’s nothing better than a little French bistro serving up dishes fit for kings, and there’s one smack bang in the middle of Oxford. Hidden down one of the side streets, this little piece of Paris offers up wond...

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Oxford City Centre Reviewed by Hannah Holt It seems nowadays Bill’s is everywhere, and rightly so, but the Oxford establishment is a beauty. Once an old town hall, there’s a gorgeous balcony area inside that provides the perfect spot for a light, or luxurio...

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The end, yet again
Another semester is coming to an end. All my assignments are completed, the deadlines have passed, and I've swapped my healthy diet in favour of a not at all one. But it's exam season and totally justifiable. Last semester there were times where I honestly ...

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What half a bachelor degree has taught me
When writing this it's 561 days since I moved to Oxford for the first time. During these 561 days I've learned much more than I ever would have, so no, I still don't regret my decision of studying abroad. Sure, there's been times where I've wondered if it's...

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Dream big or go home
Have you ever thought about what your future will look like after uni? If you'll be successful or not? Whether or not you'll reach that high goal of yours? I have from time to time, and I guess we all do at some point. The first week of the second semester ...

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A year in pictures
 I'm having trouble realizing that we're already approaching February, and that I've been blogging for over a year. Right now I'm still in Norway where the roads are covered in snow and it's impossible to walk or drive. So to acknowledge the fact that it's ...

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It's that time of year again
It’s that
time of year again. You know, when you easily can separate the locals from the
rest. And by locals I mean British people, in general. How come, you say? Well,
when December comes and it gets colder, an easy way to spot the
locals is to watch out f...

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Brookes 2.0
"If this is what uni is like this will be easy as pie", I remember thinking after my last exam in May. Little did I know what Brookes had in mind for me as a second year student. It's like we've gone from a stroll on a sunny, lazy Sunday to a high speed run...
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