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Writer, Editor, Dreamer.
Writer, Editor, Dreamer.

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BLEEDER bounced back up to #59 on Wattpad's vampire hot list; its highest ranking ever. Not bad for a three-year-old book. 

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Over the last month, I've been re-editing my 2012 online novel Bleeder. The version currently on is the leanest, meanest, cleanest version to date and likely marks the last time I'll be making changes to the online serial. All subsequent revisions/alterations will appear in the book's eventual paperback release only.

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The last 48 hours have been pretty exciting and amazing. My online serial novel BLEEDER was recommended and picked up for the new free After Dark app from Wattpad (linked below). Probably as a result of that, the book has jumped back into Wattpad's charts, leaping from #117 to #80 in the Vampire ratings in less than two days. It's also now sitting on the cusp of 300,000 reads. I came into the month feeling like I really needed to get my fiction back on track and now I feel, well, incredibly blessed.

At some point, probably while I was fixated on baby and not paying attention, I passed 2500 followers on Wattpad. Mind freakin' blown. 

Based on the amount of poo-filled diapers this morning I can only surmise that babies are like the TARDIS - bigger on the inside.

Five days to kiddo's three-month birthday. #1 priority this week: figure out a new, workable writing schedule and get the heck back to it.

The dog and the baby conspire to trap me in the living room and never let me leave.

The emotions felt at putting Tiny Human in her first Halloween costume. #adventuresinhorrorparenting

My iPhone just attempted to autocorrect "coffee" to "coffeeeeeeeee." Feeling confused.

For some lame reason I can no longer buy stuff in the iTunes Store on my laptop, but phone and tablet have no problems. Bizarre.
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