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Corporate Trainer | Speaker | Leadership & Motivational Life Coach | Organization Development Consultant | Blogger of Life | Movie Critic
Corporate Trainer | Speaker | Leadership & Motivational Life Coach | Organization Development Consultant | Blogger of Life | Movie Critic

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Hindi Medium vs. English Medium!
The film ‘Hindi Medium’ is hilarious and is a satirical take on the Indian Psyche of feeling elitist and progressive when one spouts English as a medium to converse irrespective of the people, situation and need around them. Researchers also say that there is a close link between language and power. ‘Hindi Medium’ written by Zeenat Lakhani and directed by Saket Chaudhary is a remake of the Malayalam film ‘Salt Mango Tree’ released in 2015 which is also a remake of 2014 Bengali Movie Ramdhanu. Those who have seen the Malayalam film may agree with me that there are scenes where you cannot stop comparing Biju Menon and Irrfan as actors not in terms of style but in terms of the effortlessness they bring on screen in essaying such a role. Though, Hindi Medium as a film is successful in keeping you engaged throughout the film with its funny situation and socially relevant message about how our education system has succumbed to commercialization but what needs to be noted is that when the film ventures into portraying unrealistic situations to convey its message, the tempo dips. In short, Hindi Medium highlights the plight of the education system in our country and the impacts of Lord Macaulay’s sinister plans to destabilize India and Indianness. Though it ends being preachy and over dramatic yet it is worth watching. But before that, go through what Lord Macaulay said about India in 1835 in British Parliament…
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CIA: Love Can Make You Cross Borders!
Satyajit Ray once said – “The director is the only person who knows what the film is about”.
If I take a cue from his quote I doubt whether Amal Neerad himself did know what the film he is making about here in this case of ‘Comrade in America (CIA). The name and some of the early trailers which were released are misleading. It makes one feel that it has something to do with revolution and the erstwhile communist leaders like Che Guevara. Rather the film CIA reduces these communist leaders like Lenin, Karl Marx and Che Guevara into caricatures and put them into funny scenes which has nothing to do with its ideology and history. CIA claims to dedicate this film to millions of migrants in the world and does a veiled attack on US President Trump’s proposed border wall that would eventually stop animals and people that have migrated for centuries across the US’s southern border with Mexico. Is it a formula cleverly devised by the current filmmakers to piggyback some current social and political issues which they superficially and with least sincerity turn into stories with the false hope of making it into a runaway success? In short, Dulquer fans can throng the theatres to watch their hero perform with utmost ease but unfortunately in a nonsensical movie. Comrade Lenin, Karl Marx and Che Guevara might be planning to make a comeback to avenge this political disaster of theirs in CIA (Pun Intended).
#DulquerSalman   #AmalNeerad   #ShbinFrancis   #AjmalKhalid #AmalNeeradProductions   #KarthikaMurlidharan   #FilmReviewofCIA   #MovieReviewofComradeinAmerica   #MalayalamMovieReview2017   

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The Zookeeper’s Wife: A Story of Compassion & Courage!
Niki Caro’s ‘The Zookeepers Wife’ is not only the horrific depiction of what happened in Warsaw, Poland when Nazis occupied that city in 1939 during the Second World War, but also the depiction of a good-hearted couple who staunchly believed in human values above social, religious and racial discrimination. The film is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Diane Ackerman, narrating how the Jews survived and got rescued from the Nazi invasion. It is the story of how some ordinary people become extraordinary and rise to the occasion during crisis. There are many in the human history like them who have done so and the film The Zookeeper’s Wife is about the Zabinskis and how their Warsaw Zoo became a hideout for hundreds of Jews who were under the radar of the brutal Nazi forces. The Nazi occupation of their city created chaos and turbulence and the Jews were hunted down and captured. The film reveals that only 6% of the Warsaw population survived the war.

#FilmReviewofTheZookeepersWife   #MovieReviewofTheZookeepersWife    #NikiCaro   #JessicaChastian   #HollywoodMovies2017   #JohanHelderbergh  

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A Not So Sprightly ‘Sonata’ by Aparna Sen!
Aparna Sen’s film ‘Sonata’ is stagey and doesn’t enthuse you much. It is quite natural to see expectations soar high when three veterans like Aparna Sen, Shabhana Azmi and Lillete Dubey come together to share a frame but unfortunately you end up sulking to see these women trying hard to make you believe that you are watching a cinema. Sonato is a film made based on Mahesh Elkunchwar’s play with the same name. Aparna Sen’s attempt to transform an otherwise wonderful play into a film fails to have any cinematic appeal. Sonata would have definitely kept appealing and held our attention if it remained as a play but a hurried and not so skillful approach to transform the same into a movie makes it an average movie. Having said this, there are moments these talented powerhouse actors do pull your heartstrings but that is so momentary that it doesn’t linger on and therefore you feel the drag.
The climax of the movie is inconclusive and leaves you wondering what the filmmaker actually wanted to say. Well, if you want to see these veterans together then go and watch, otherwise forget it and hear some other melodious and sprightful ‘Sonata’. Aparna Sen dished out an average movie and left us go through the pain of watching it and she stays ‘Nirlajjam Sada Sukhi’!!! (…. Click link to read more )
#aparnasen   #shabhanaazmi   #lililetedubey   #MovieReviewofSonata   #FilmReviewofSonata   #SonataFilmbyAparnaSen  

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Mukti Bhawan: Salvation Knocks at its Will!
The universe is ruled by bipolar law – if there is life then there is death. Though, the whole world knows this fact, many of us ignore or avoid thinking about death as if it will never happen to us. Subhasish Bhutiani’s debut feature film ‘Mukti Bhawan’ (Hotel Salvation) is a subtle attempt to remind us the often ignored and avoided reality of life and death. The film depicts the story of a patriarch Dayanand Kumar (Lalit Behl) in a family who feels his time has come and constantly requests his son to take him to a lodge called ‘Mukti Bhawan’, which houses people like him who wait there to welcome their impending death. A reluctant son and an old father willing to die makes the plot very interesting and keeps us glued to our seats leaving us moist eyed. What is more exciting is their stay in ‘Mukti Bhawan’ and how the inmates and the caretaker of the lodge opens up a whole new world in front of us which unveils different dimensions and aspects of life and death. The filmmaker and his team definitely deserves to be applauded for such a deft handling of a sensitive and emotional subject with excellent finesse. I would like to say that ‘Mukti Bhawan’ is entertaining in a different sense because it celebrates both life and death. Go and watch with your family and do ensure to take your elders together to watch this soulful movie with a tinge of humour, may be you may also want to look up ‘reborn’!!! Mukti Bhawan reminds me of the monologue, spoken by the melancholy Jacques about the seven ages of human life in Shakespeare’s drama ‘As You Like It’:
All the worlds’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
#MuktiBhawan   #ReviewoffilmMuktiBhawan   #MovieReviewofMuktiBhawan   #AdilHussain   #LalitBehl   #ShubhasishBhutiani   #RedCarpetMovingPictures   #PalomiGhosh   #NavnindraBehl  

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Poorna: Sometimes Choices Make You!
Poorna Malavath’s (Aditi Inamdar) life, a 13 year-old poor girl from a nondescript village in Telangana district who became the youngest girl ever to scale Mount Everest, can be summed up in one sentence - “Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you” (By Gayle Forman an award-winning internationally bestselling author in one of her books).What Krishna was to Pandavas, Bhishma to Kauravas and Dhuruyodhan to Karna, an IPS turned Social Welfare officer PraveenKumar (Rahul Bose) became to Poorna. It is questions and the sincere search for answers that led Poorna from the dusty road of a remote village to the snow-clad challenging peaks of Mount Everest one day. Nothing has such power to cause a complete mental turnaround as that of a question. Rahul Bose second directorial venture ‘Poorna’ is a well-intentioned and inspiring film. Having said this, it needed some more homework and smart work. The film’s screenplay is flawed and cinematography is good intermittently. Poorna doesn’t match the craft and beauty of many other Bollywood biopics. The actors who win your hearts are the two lovely natural actors Aditi Inamdar and Mariya, who even over shadow versatile actors by their camaraderie on screen. Nevertheless, Poorna a movie with good intentions deserves to be watched once because even with all its flaws it still has the power to motivate you and your children. Go for it, so that you realize that it’s not the mountain that you conquer but your fears!!!
#PoornaTheFilm   #RahulBose   #PoornaMalavath   #AditiInamdar   #SMariya   #PVRPictures   #MovieReviewofPoorna   #ReviewofPoornaTheFilm  

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उगता सूरज (Hindi Poetry)

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उगता सूरज (Hindi Poetry)
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